Axl Rose Makes Solid Addition To Pantheon of Paparazzi-Beaters (VIDEO)

For a guy who’s definitely been in better shape, Axl Rose is still surprisingly spry. The 47-year-old Guns N’ Roses frontman was making his way through Los Angeles International Airport last week en route to a Taipei concert, when he suddenly encountered a celebrity’s most fearsome natural adversary—the paparazzi.

Check out the video below, in which the “Paradise City” charges into the crowd like an enraged orangutan in a National Geographic special, taking down his quarry with a solid right:

Well done, Mr. Rose. Sure, it would have been even more impressive if you had done your patented snake dance before the smack down, but kudos nonetheless.

But how does Rose’s pap-smacking prowess match up to that of his celebrity brethren? Let’s take a brief look at Great Moments in Pap-Popping History and find out, shall we?


The setting: Los Angeles International Airport. On the seventh anniversary of 9/11, West launches an attack on America’s real enemies: Those who would take his picture without his express written permission.

Kanye starts out strong, but letting a member of his posse take the ultimate fall for smashing the pap’s camera strikes us as a punk move, the kind of thing a guy who would pick on teenage girls would do. Oh, wait…


As the Coldplay frontman left Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York last January with his wife Gwyneth Paltrow, he attempted to give one intrusive shutterbug an express trip to the emergency ward.

Remarkably solid—if only because Martin’s general demeanor and tepid musical output suggests that he would crumble to tears and dust at the first sign of provocation. Apply that kind of attitude to the next Coldplay album and we’ll really be impressed.


Everybody might love Raymond, but Brad Garrett has no particular fondness for the paparazzi. Everybody Loves Raymond second banana Garrett must have had a touch of indigestion as he left West Hollywood eatery Dan Tana’s last November, because he took a swipe at a photog who was trying to capture a picture of his pretty mug like he had just been one-upped by his TV brother for the 1 millionth and last time.

 Given that Garrett is essentially a waxed grizzly bear, we can’t give him any points for bravery.


Was the Alfie star blinded by the light on that fateful July 2009 night in London, or merely taking a cheap shot at a member of the photojournalistic community? Law claimed that the incessant flashbulbs left him momentarily sightless. The photographer herself—and Jude’s expression—suggest otherwise.

No matter what your excuse, Jude, hitting women isn’t cool. Especially from behind. Even Chris Brown is wagging his finger right about now.


Axl Rose is the new king of pap-smackers—and the reigning king of our hearts.