Lindsay Lohan DIDN’T Actually Save 40 Kids in India? No Way!

Hey, you know how Lindsay Lohan got on Twitter and bragged about saving the lives of 40 kids in one day while filming a BBC documentary on child trafficking last week?

Yeah, well the three people who actually believed her might want to close their eyes and stick their fingers in their ears for this next story.

British newspaper The Telegraph is reporting that the charity that did actually rescue the endangered children is mega pee-ohh’ed at the Mean Girls actress for taking credit for the saves, when she wasn’t even there at the time.

Social activist Bhuwan, of the campaign group Bachpan Bachao Andolan, explains that the endangered tots were rescued during a series of raids on 15 New Dehli workshops, where children as young as seven were working in slave-like conditions  making mirrored ornaments for export. The raids, which were two months in the planning, occurred hours before Lohan even arrived in India, and now Bhuwan is just a wee bit peeved that LiLo is taking credit for them:

“She was not even in the country when this raid happened. We’ll be complaining to the BBC and talking to our lawyers … Would Lohan know where these workshops are?”

Of course, one could argue that, by not coming into contact with the children, Lohan did do her small part to prevent their lives from ruin, so partial credit there.

But if she’s so concerned about playing hero to at-risk kids, maybe she should direct her efforts closer to home and focus her attention on her 15-year-old sister Ali. Then again, that would mean she’d lose a clubbing buddy, but hey; what’s altruism without a little bit of sacrifice?