Nick Jonas Dodges Shoe, Launches Presidential Bid During Fort Hood Speech (VIDEO)

Looks like Nick Jonas is getting a big jump-start on his presidential ambitions.

The 17-year-old Jonas Brother, who recently announced his desire to become America’s Chief Executive in the future, showed his support at the Community Strong event at Fort Hood in Texas on Friday. As he made his way off of the stage following his pep speech, an anonymous attendee decided to show his appreciation for the Most Talented JoBro by hurling his shoe at Jonas.

One could interpret the footwear projectile as a sign of disapproval for the Disney star, but that would be preposterous. For one thing, it’s a scientifically proven fact that everyone in the world loves Nick Jonas.*

Besides, such an interpretation would require an absolute ignorance of the meticulously planned career trajectory that Jonas has charted for himself thus far in his brief but eventful life. And his uncanny ability to incorporate the past achievements of others into his own repertoire.

Clearly, Nick Jonas took a page from recent political history and planted the shoe-hurler in the crowd in an effort to appear more Presidential.

And we have to say, bravo—it worked.

Take a look at the videos below, to see Nick’s artful shoe-dodge (at the :20 mark), compared to its obvious inspiration:

Might as well start calling this guy “Mr. President” now.

Want to see what a Nick Jonas Presidential Administration holds for the future? Take a peek into the crystal ball here.

*American Journal of Tweener Science, August 4, 2008