Taylor Swift Gives Big as She Turns 20

Wow, can Taylor Swift get any more disgustingly nice? The mega-music star, taking home all the awards this season, has taken the opportunity of her 20th birthday to make a $250,000 donation to an educational charity that supports schools in desperate need of funding.

Not to say that Taylor stands alone in the celeb-generosity category, but she certainly rates an angel or two higher than some of these other music industry stars and their 20th birthday gifts.

For my 20th birthday party, my present was:

Lindsay Lohan, “Bail money.”

Kanye West, “I didn’t have much money at twenty, so I just looked into the windows at the jewelry stores, hoping to see my reflection.”

Adam Lambert, “One-gallon bucket of mascara from Costco.”

Britney Spears, “I turned 20?”

Rihanna, “Three pairs of pants …just kidding.”