Josh Brolin’s Make-Out Scene With Megan Fox Is “Ultimate Revenge”

Josh Brolin really knows how to get back at a gal. In the sexiest way humanly possible.

The Milk actor recently admitted—okay, more like “bragged”—to Conan O’Brien that he viewed his love scenes with Megan Fox in the upcoming comic-book adaptation Jonah Hex as an opportunity to get back at his wife, actress Diane Lane, for her on-screen canoodling with Richard Gere, Viggo Mortensen and Olivier Martinez.

Brolin revealed, with what we can only imagine was a caddish smirk on his face:

“I made out with Megan Fox, which was nice. Everybody says it’s very uncomfortable doing love scenes. My wife has done a few movies with a couple of love scenes, maybe this was maybe a revenge of mine, of some sort. If you look at it from that perspective, it’s kind of like the ultimate revenge. Megan Fox is the ultimate revenge, you hear what I’m saying?”

Yeah, we hear you loud and clear—and a manly Internet High-Five to you, Mr. Brolin.

Getting busy with Megan Fox, and still managing to pin the blame on the little missus? You just know Tiger Woods is taking notes right now from his undisclosed location…