Michael Lohan Gets Arrested, Taste Of His Own Medicine

Michael Lohan’s had a busy 24 hours. First, he was arrested for allegedly calling up his ex-gf Erin Muller, who placed a restraining order against him after he threatened to kill himself and her back in April. According to TMZ, he “was charged with criminal contempt of court because she has an order of protection against him restricting Michael from ‘trying to communicate by phone.'”

But then, Michael denied the story to several news outlets, even challenging the media to find his mugshot, taunting “WHERES [sic] THE MUGSHOT TMZ?? YOU AND YOUR LIES. Harvey is a LOSER.

Well, let’s just observe the actual mugshot release this morning, shall we?

But perhaps the best part of this story is that his ex girlfriend used Michael’s favorite tactic…recording the phone conversation.

Erin Muller claims Michael first called her at 11:30 AM on Sunday and “started harassing me, questioning me who I have ‘been with, who’s car was currently in my drive way,’ things like that.

Erin told Suffolk County Police the first call lasted two minutes and the second lasted five — and that she recorded both conversations. Pretty ironic and sweet, given Michael’s penchant for secretly recording calls.

Doesn’t feel so good now, does it, Mikey?