Olivia Munn Bikinis Geek Faces Off In Maxim (PHOTOS)

Behold, Oliva Munn's geekgasmic January pictorial for Maxim magazine! If these pictures weren't hot enough for you, guys, check out what she had to say about being a nerd growing up:

"I think it was eighth grade. I was in a military family, so by the time I was 13 I’d lived in six different places. I remember looking around that year and realizing that the one group that always takes you in is the geeks."

Wowza. We won't make you wait any longer, enjoy Munn's spread



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  • werders7

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  • Susan

    This is the only decent pic that makes her look pretty because shes not tilting her head or have her hair in her face or trying to do a sex me face. She has a nice body though.

  • Marr

    Shes really not a very pretty girl in this picture. shes rather average compaired ot the others.

  • noah

    Dear Diary, I'm in love. -Noah