Rihanna Taunts Chris Brown With Half-Naked Hotness in GQ (PHOTOS)

Rihanna Taunts Chris Brown With Half-Naked Hotness in GQ (PHOTOS)-photo

While Chris Brown continues his pity-party, former girlfriend and victim of his cowardly violence, Rihanna, looks like a million dollars -- make that a billion dollars -- in a new photo spread in GQ magazine where she also opens up about getting past the entire ugly incident of earlier this year:

"I've put everything I've wanted to say for the past eight months into my music."

Which might very well explain the more adult tone of her latest album, appropriately titled Rated-R, as well as the ... um, mature nature of her recent live performances and photo spreads.

You know what they say: Revenge is best served steaming hot on the cover of a men's magazine.



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  • maryam366

    [quote=Eric Thelusca]half naked it is a good sign for Christ Bown. She will back soon. its chris brown

  • maryam366

    ooooo thats just nasty she needs to put some clothes on nobody wants to see that !

  • joy1985

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  • kandy

    hey itz ur gurl kandy repin bridgeport.

  • Janci


  • Terwayne

    Showing your body always sells.

  • megan

    she looks hot and her album is amazing!

  • Shakirrya.T

    RiRi is stunningly beautiful, she knows it, her in chris also made a stunningly cute couple in both albums are awesome just give a second listen to with the music played loud in the car in you will no what I mean, both albums on all 13 songs both albums is about the both of them. the media people ingeneral need to support both albums stop mistreating CBrown in support his album number 2,3 and 8 id my favorite. if the press in people was not in there lifes they would most defiently be back togather.

  • deco

    nice ???

  • Eric Thelusca
    Eric Thelusca

    half naked it is a good sign for Christ Bown. She will back soon.

  • noah

    I suppose I'd let her make out with me. But definitely no eye contact... I wouldn't want to get her pregnant.

  • nelly

    omg, rihanna is so beautifull and stunning. i'm glad she moved on and left chris brown behind because no woman (famous or not) deserves to have a man put their hands on them.

  • tatts09


  • buzzbuddy

    Oh wow! Rihanna looks gorgeous and very sexy. Chris Brown is an idiot for blowing it on this one.