Tiger’s Kids Seem Relatively Unfazed By Media Circus Surrounding Them

In the last 24 hours, Tiger Woods’ wife Elin Nordegren has stepped out twice without her wedding ring. This comes after she spent day and night strategically placed behind closed doors since Thanksgiving ’09.

But yesterday afternoon, Elin was spotted grabbing Thai food in Orlando with the couple’s two children, 2-year-old Sam, 10-month-old Charlie, and some friends. While braving the paparazzi, she managed to tell OK! that her and the children are “doing just fine.”

Fine?? Really?? She didn’t look too fine, according to several eyewitnesses, who noted that she appeared “bone-thin.” Plus, “her conversation with the other adults was very intense, especially in comparison to smiling little Sam and Charlie.”

Do you think Tiger and Elin should get a divorce or stay together for the children?