Taylor Swift May Bring Her Super-Powers to the Big Screen

If there’s any doubt left that Taylor Swift possesses superhuman abilities, Hollywood is looking to quash it quick.

Fearless songbird Swift, whose dominance of the music industry this year has been more powerful than a locomotive, is reportedly Tinsel Town’s top pick to play the title role in the upcoming Supergirl movie.

According to a source, 

“Hollywood is short of female heroes and the time is right for a new Supergirl. She has all the right elements to be a positive role model to young girls. A number of young stars are being mentioned for the title role in a Supergirl movie and possible TV spin-off and Taylor is top of that list.”

Of course, aside from her recent hosting stint on Saturday Night Live, an episode of CSI (she played a dead girl) and the upcoming romantic comedy Valentine’s Day, there’s scant evidence that Swift can, you know, act. And of course, that doesn’t matter. The important thing is, she has the right hair color. And probably looks good in a cape.

No word on whether Supergirl Swift would face off against her arch-nemesis, The Interruptor, in the flick, or whether her proposed superpowers would include the ability to turn break-ups into hit singles.

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