The 2009 Celebrity 'Taylor' Rankings (PHOTOS)

If there's one name that dominated the world of celebrity news this year (well, one name that isn't "Michael Jackson," anyway), it's "Taylor." Everywhere we looked, we couldn't seem to escape famous people named Taylor, burrowing into our consciousness like similaryly-named tapeworms. It's almost as if there was some secret cabal of Taylors, intent on taking over the world via celebrity-news headlines...

Anyway, despite their overall ubiquity, all Taylors are not created equally. So to help keep your celebrity Taylors straight, and gain insight as to which Taylors are the most important, we've come up with the 2009 Celebrity Taylor Rankings.



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  • Sasha

    * She has been given a Red down facing arrow--which means she is a LOSER!!!!* =} wow you sound like a 10 year old... I usually respect peoples opinions but yours was just stupid. Anyway i like her style,voice and etc + the dress is gorgeous The only thing that i dislike in that picture is whats behind moon... =.=

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    Are you kidding me ??? It's Jennie Garth !!! She played in Beverly Hills 902 10 and now in 902 10 :D But I don't like her :D

  • lexy

    oh come on!! just because she has an unusual style doesn't mean she's going to be in playboy!! and people who don't have an own opinion and think she's uncool because she has a down facing arrow are idiots!!

  • taylorlautnerlover

    who is that?

  • danielle

    i agree he is so damn hot also his abs are so irrresistable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • carolay

    ola taylor eres muy lindo y haces una linda pareja con taylor swif i love taylor lautner

  • paige

    Type your comment here.

  • paige

    Type your comment here.

  • andrea

    so beautiful :)

  • bibi

    I agree bia

  • sydsouth

    * She has been given a Red down facing arrow--which means she is a LOSER!!!!* =}

  • sydsouth

    * Loser...* =P

  • sydsouth

    * His abs are beautiful but I agree, he has so much more to offer!!* anyways he's a keeper..=D

  • sydsouth

    * obsessed I agree, her hair kicks ass--so perfectly curled!!* i still dnt trust her though... =}

  • peacelovevolleyballislife!

    I love her music because it is always showing all the other girls what she went through when she was in middle school and high school. And t o anyone who says the only reason she is winning all these awards are because of the Kanye West inccident then look again. Taylor still had her hit records and music videos. And she would have still won anyway because she has the best music.

  • bia

    stop talking about his abs he is so much more than that.. like for example he is a great actor!

  • Jow Jonas
    Jow Jonas

    damn HOT. love TAYLOR!

  • charliemurphy

    The only thing "up" with this photo is my boner.

  • lalaal

    she is such a heroine addict.

  • obsessed