4 Easy Steps To Getting the Bieber-Hairdo You've Always Wanted (VIDEO)

4 Easy Steps To Getting the Bieber-Hairdo You've Always Wanted (VIDEO)-photo

We're not going to lie: we spend an unhealthy portion of our days gazing at the magnificence that is Justin Bieber, and trying to figure out ways we can remake ourselves in his own image. Take his hair, for instance: what kind of old magic must be employed to get those luscious locks that looks so perpetually perfect and wispy? 

Well according to this new video, courtesy of Bop, Justin humbly explains how simple achieving his level of Bieber-hair badassness really can be:

1. Wake up

2. Shower

3. Take a towel and do a lil' shimmy

4. Blow dry


But wait a minute, is Biebs really picking a fight with Zefron? At least he's over 5 feet tall. And you know, we can only imagine Zac's routine:

1. Wake up and do some heavy petting Vanessa Hudgens.

2. Eat

3. Repeat steps 1-2 all day long.

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  • Diamond Bieber
    Diamond Bieber

    BIEBER! is so SEXY and his hair is so like an ANGELS HAIR

  • Jada

    ok... bieber looks like a twelve-year old girl as well as singing like one. the question here is which one is hotter, not which one you think has a complex. Answer: they both have complexes-all male stars do. all guys do. so get over it. and zac, i'm sorry, he has those eyes... don't get me wrong i hate high school musical as much as the next person, but you have to admit he's hotter.

  • yo

    you kidding me? bieber hotter than efron... you must be complexed to think so..

  • Sara

    sooooo what?! x)

  • diuxxa


  • diuxxa

    Oh....in his towns isn`t ilegal to be so cute?:X

  • gabriella bieber
    gabriella bieber

    guys zac efrons hair was never like that it was shorter and thinner lol i love zac too dont get me wrong but there 2 completely different hairstyles.

  • biandi

    Hahaha I know something Zac's got on you...THE YEARS SO THAT ME LIKING HIM IS NOT ILLEGAL hahaha. He's cute, but let's face it...you need straight hair like his to do the do.

  • Kami

    Bieber??? Are you kidding me? Zac Efron had this hairstyle way before him!

  • crazy4jonas

    awww he's such a cutie! i love him

  • cassi

    biebs!!! woahhh i just saw this thing and it said his birthday was on march 14, but its not, he said in an interview it is march 1st lol

  • emma

    beiber is way too adorable....its like zac efron without the "i am God's gift to teenage girls complex"....that and vanessa hudgens at your side...