BUZZINGS: La Toya Jackson Brings the "Crazy Aunt" Concept to a Whole Other Level

BUZZINGS: La Toya Jackson Brings the
  • La Toya Jackson goes shopping "for the kids," at Trashy Lingerie. Oh, good; because Michael Jackson's children were veering dangerously close to normalcy. (Socialite Life)
  • Step away from the rusty razor blades, Twi-hards; New Moon may just win an Oscar yet. (E! Online)
  • Jennifer Lopez declares "I'm not the monster I used to be," vows to morph into a whole new kind of monster. (Gabby Babble)
  • Octomom dons a sexy Santa outfit and poses with her brood. Sorry, everybody; Christmas is officially canceled. (Dlisted)
  • The Jersey Shore cast takes Jay Leno's 'Jaywalking' challenge. Bask in the genius. (PopEater)


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