Coco Officially Running Out of Ways to Show Us Her Giant Bottom

There are a few things that Nicole “Coco” Austin wants to make perfectly clear. She loves to dance. She’s married to rapper/actor Ice-T. She’s Yugoslavian by descent. And, oh yeah, she has a giant bottom.

Just look at this picture. It’s like, come on: She’s doing power squats in hot pink tights and stripper heels. A little “on the nose”, wouldn’t you say, Coco? We get it, you have a giant round ass. You don’t have to pretend you’re into physical fitness just to show it to us.

Since the stripper/actress/model/wife seems to be running out of ideas on how to push her lumpy lady lumps on us, Celebuzz would like to offer up a few more creative ways in which Coco might be able to better market her noteworthy bottom.

* Star in a new reality show called, Oops I Dropped My Keys Again.

* Let LeBron James slam-dunk her backside during All-Star Weekend.

* Crab-walk everywhere.

* Tour state fairs and let children throw quarters at her for charity.

So many possibilities. 

Please, share your ideas on how to promote Coco’s colossal hindquarters and win the prize of forever-respect among the booty nation.

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