Demi Moore Hangs Out With Big Giraffe, Twitter Drama Ensues (PHOTOS)

Perhaps an even more unlikely pair than Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher — Demi and giraffe? The long-necked mammal was spotted alongside the uber-MILF/model/actress on a Santa Monica beach, an elaborate and living prop for Moore’s photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar.

Sadly, Demi’s jungle love affair was crassly interrupted by some unfriendly Tweets which called the actress out for, god forbid, starting to look her age.

@mrskutcher #sorrydemi that your self esteem is so low you can’t admit to a little Photoshopping. And Ghost sucked.

@mrskutcher – sorry but, you look old…specially your neck and cheecks at the second shot.. i’m really sorry.

But, the ever-vigilant cougar responded:

I’m 47 how am I supposed to look?

Oh, snap.

Celebuzz tracked down the giraffe after the shoot to ask about Demi’s Twitter-spatter, but he refused to comment.

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