Drunken Four Year-Old Almost Ruins Christmas (VIDEO)

Drunken Four Year-Old Almost Ruins Christmas (VIDEO)-photo

Best part of this story: A 4-year-old boy gets wasted, puts on a dress, and stumbles across the block to steal Christmas presents from a neighbor.

Heartbreaking part of the story: "He runs away trying to find his father," the mom says. "He wants to get in trouble so he can go to jail because that's where his daddy is."

This is, um... hilariousad?

"We're Going crossdressing!! Up through the street and into the schoolyard! Come on everybody, come on! Snoop, Snoop-a-loop! No, it's cool, it's cool, I'm cool. I'm four."



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  • Erm sure
    Erm sure

    She can say bye bye to retaining custody in the divorce now. I'm sure child services will believe her story.

  • hispanicatthedisco
  • Bad Mom
    Bad Mom

    The mom is obviously lying...she probably let her kid chug the beer.

  • Sophie

    what i love the most is the look on the news reader and the reporters faces they look so serious :p

  • ugh

    It's not f*cking hard to take off that stupid door knob protector. She's holding the pillow to hide her fat stomach.

  • sydsouth

    * hahahah..what the fuk....!!* =} only in America ppl,