Leonardo DiCaprio, Viking Conquerer (PHOTOS)

When you think rugged Viking warrior, you probably don't think Leonardo DiCaprio, but Mel Gibson has selected DiCaprio to star in his upcoming Nordic epic, which will begin shooting in the Fall of 2010.  If it's anything close to the likes of Gibson's Braveheart, Apocalypto, or Passion of the Christ, you can expect to see a half-naked Leo creating viking carnage with a bloody sword of freedom.

We at Celebuzz were so excited about the prospect of "Leo Erikson, Nordic Conquerer", that we couldn't help but take an early whack at what the fair-haired DiCaprio might look like as a movie viking.  Take a peek.



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  • Faith

    Something tells me this Nordic "epic" is going to be really racially and religiously biased and show the Norse people in a bad light to promote Christianity - like all of Mel's other films. Gibson's not racist, it's those pesky Jews out to get him again...