Robert Pattinson Freaks Out After Swine Flu Scare

Robert Pattinson Freaks Out After Swine Flu Scare-photo

That Robert Pattinson is such a delicate flower. The slightest little thing—like, say, a brush with swine flu—is capable of setting him off.

OK! Magazine reports that the New Moon star became totally flustered recently, when one of his many female fans, who just happened to be getting over a bout of the H1N1 virus, planted a kiss on his lips.

According to the report, the teenage Twi-hard leaped out of a car when she spotted her idol and planted a wet one on him before revealing,

"My mum wouldn’t pull the car over to let me out because I’m just getting over the swine flu…so I jumped out at the red light just to see you.”

Apparently R-Pattz wasn't thrilled with the prospect of being exposed to a potentially fatal contagious disease and totally went off on the kid, bellowing,

"You have the swine flu?!…What the hell are you doing kissing anyone?”

Geez; drama much?

Tell us in the comments section: If you were recovering from swine flu and ran into R-Pattz, would you settle for giving him a peck on the cheek?



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  • Christina

    OK, he has a totally valid point here (being kissed on the lips by a fan is never really OK), BUT swine flu is not at all as dangerous as everyone seems to think. It's the flu, just a different strain of it. This means there weren't vaccines ready when it spread, but the reason people die from it is because they either have pre-existing conditions or they live in areas with poor medical care. It's like the normal flu... TONS of people die every year from the flu, but the vast majority of people who get it are fine a few days later because they didn't have a pre-existing condition that was exacerbated by the flu. So calling swine flu "potentially fatal", while technically true, is a wild overreaction. I mean, I might as well call driving a car potentially fatal because it's possible you'll die from that. Same with riding a bike or even crossing a street.

  • anna

    Rumour has already been debunked by GossipCop. Celebuzz get it together.

  • CC

    Oh Please!!! this is a rumor!! go read on gossipcop.

  • beccacullen

    even though i love rob i would of been well upset if he shouted at me. She is stupid though but i guess if we saw rob we would go a bit demented too lol xx

  • lizbizz11

    Oh crazy Twilight fans!!

  • Hui-Yan Chew
    Hui-Yan Chew

    That is terrible. I had Swine Flu and seriously its terrible, who would want to pass that. OMG, what retard.

  • sydsouth

    * This makes me laugh...* =D

  • livia

    i dont get it how almost all of you believe this. LIES!

  • lahe27

    this is sooooo untrue!!! are you kidding me!!! over at gossip cop, they got a confirmation from one of rob's reps that it isn't true!!! goshhh. i didn't believe it from the start!

  • OMG

    U know who ever writes this sh*t can suck a D*** and go to hell alrite so ur telling us u wouldn't freak out if this happen to u

  • Zu

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAH TTTTHAAAT WAS FUN! i mean don't be mad at me but those type of things makes life interesting and you know it!

  • riri13521

    That girl is retarded fro kissing him!!!! Where are his body guards????!!!!! You know some people die from swine flu!!!! Was she trying to kill him????!!!!! SHE IS NOT A TRUE FAN!!!!! And I bet anyone would react the way he did if they got kissed by someone who had the swine flu!!!! SO SHUT UP AND LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!! >:(

  • tilleyca

    She's a dumb ho. It doesn't matter if you're famous--lip-raping anyone--especially if you're infected--is never okay. Rob is NOT being a delicate little flower, yo. He's totally legit on this one.

  • stefen4life

    that gal is really dumb..but not for kissing him (cuz we all know that any girl would it the opportunity cums knocking at their door) but for telling him she is recovering from swine flu..what does she expect .. does she expect for him to wrap his arms around her and tell them that they'll be besties forever.

  • twilightobsessed

    WHAT THE HELL?!?!? true fans do NOT want ANYTHING bad to happen to their crushes or idols.. so why would that crazy ass girl kiss Rob if she was getting over the swine flu?? she's clearly not a true fan! i'm so pissed..what if she had infected my Robbie?!? okay, fine,, i'll share, our Robbie?? f*ck YOU, YOU IRRESPONSIBLE, BAD FANN!! ugh! LOVE YOU ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEAM EDWARD & PATTINSON!

  • katia

    yay the twilight phase may end soon!! :) GO TO HELL

  • katia

    this is a lie. Ok magazine you better check your facts first, before posting this lies. And people who believe this story are morrons

  • eli

    yay the twilight phase may end soon!! :)

  • !!!

    I want to see Remember Me already!!!

  • yep

    While it does sound rude, he's totally right. I'd have done the same thing, swine flu is no laughing or joking matter.

  • tatts09

    if i were him,i would bitch slap that dumbass back to her mothers is she thinking??he could have gotten really are these people thinking???leave the poor guy alone...