Robert Pattinson Freaks Out After Swine Flu Scare

That Robert Pattinson is such a delicate flower. The slightest little thing—like, say, a brush with swine flu—is capable of setting him off.

OK! Magazine reports that the New Moon star became totally flustered recently, when one of his many female fans, who just happened to be getting over a bout of the H1N1 virus, planted a kiss on his lips.

According to the report, the teenage Twi-hard leaped out of a car when she spotted her idol and planted a wet one on him before revealing,

“My mum wouldn’t pull the car over to let me out because I’m just getting over the swine flu…so I jumped out at the red light just to see you.”

Apparently R-Pattz wasn’t thrilled with the prospect of being exposed to a potentially fatal contagious disease and totally went off on the kid, bellowing,

“You have the swine flu?!…What the hell are you doing kissing anyone?”

Geez; drama much?

Tell us in the comments section: If you were recovering from swine flu and ran into R-Pattz, would you settle for giving him a peck on the cheek?