Jessica Simpson Lawyers Up Over Tiger Woods Claims

Many women have clamored to be romantically linked to golf legend Tiger Woods in the media over the past few weeks, but don’t count Jessica Simpson among them.

E! Online reports that Ms. Chicken-or-Tuna has brought out the big guns—no, her lawyers, you pervs—after Star Magazine’s somewhat questionable claim that she had hooked up with Woods.

While an unnamed source in Star’s account claims that “Tiger liked what he saw and let her know it” when the two met at the AT&T National Pro-Am golf tournament in July, J-Simps definitely didn’t like what she saw when she spied Us Magazine’s article, and now she’s getting the attorneys involved.

Calling the story “ridiculous,” a rep for Simpson fumes,

“Literally the only thing that’s true in the story is the fact that they met. It was a quick meeting, and they posed for a photo together—that was it. Jessica’s lawyer is sending them a letter this afternoon.”

Wow; for a gal who’s reportedly dating a middle-aged grunge wash-up these days, Simpson seems awfully picky all of a sudden.

For the record, Star refuses to be intimidated, and has issued a statement declaring, “Star stands by the facts as reported in its story.” Because apparently their other foot was feeling left out without a bullet in it too.

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