Jon & Kate Gosselin's Divorce Finalized, Finally

Jon & Kate Gosselin's Divorce Finalized, Finally-photo

In a fitting end to the Naughty Aughties, a major chapter in celebrity gossip has just been brought to a close. TMZ reports that former Jon & Kate Plus 8 couple Jon and Kate Gosselin's divorce was finalized by Judge Arthur Tilson this morning, leaving a nation to wonder which marital tragedy they'll obsess over next. 

According to Kate's lawyer, Mark Momjian,

"Our client will continue to reside with all eight of her children in the former marital home."

The terms of the settlement also contain some bad financial news for Papa Jon, who hasn't exactly been raking in the dough to begin with anyway. TMZ adds that the Ed Hardy enthusiast has been slapped with pretty hefty child-support payments for the couple's octo-brood, and must return every last cent of the  $235,000 that he siphoned on the sly from the couple's joint bank account back in October, a sum that will be deducted from his portion of the settlement.

Given the fact that Jon & Kate network TLC has effectively barred Gosselin from picking up any cash on the side with media appearances—which seems like just about the only way he's able to earn a dime these days—it sounds like Jon better brush up on his panhandling skills.

So, to sum up: Kate keeps the house and kids, Jon might—might—be able to keep whatever spare change he still has in his pockets, and neither one got to keep their dignity.

*Sniff*; a moment of silence, please...

Okay, now dry those eyes and take our poll: Do you think the Gosselins' divorce settlement was fair?



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  • cristian ronaldo
    cristian ronaldo

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  • polska

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  • cjljsb13

    THANK GOD! I am tired of hearing about it.

  • hailey

    i dont care what jon says i think kate should get all eight kidz!

  • VTM

    why when our country is is going to hell, or at the very least becoming a 3rd world country , do people even care at all about Jon and Kate. How fortunate for the leaders of our country and there friends who are stealing from us all into a 3rd world status to have so many distractions such as them ...and many others so we don't notice what is going on with our nation..........America...WAKE UP !

  • Ninapas3

    Yes Kate seem to be a bit bossy with Jon, but watching him with the kids after the split I wanted to scream at him myself. Cheating is now right in any fashion form or way. What is that teaching your children. Get out than find that someone else. (not a party animal for 8 kids). Kate did not make Jon what he is, it was already in him looking for a way out. Kate is thinking of her children thank God someone is because Jon is wild and out of control. His children will look back on this someday its not hidden in the dark. Kate is not mean to her kids yes sometimes she loses control but who wouldn't with 8 kids. There is a lot of things that concern me about Jon and there is one thing that concerns me about Kate she said that she hasn't been to church in a while that its hard to do now that Jons not there. That is the best reason to go to church for the healing for the kids and herself she goes everywhere else. Maybe if they would have kept God first in there life they may still be together. No wonder the bible says the love of money is the root to all evil. Kate go back to church and teach the children that God works all things out to those who trust and love him. God bless the children of the world.

  • Ashley orban
    Ashley orban

    I don't even know why these people are even preceived as being famous. They don't do anything except have a village of children and then sponge money out of stupid networks such as TLC and use their poor kids as pawns to become almost millionairs. and don't even get me started about kate, that bitch drove him away by belittling him and demorlizing. So the conclusion of that is he sought other women who would'nt insult him... but still it is a waste of time for the paparazzi to chase the nobodys around to psychologicaly make john and kate think they are brad and angelina ha ha not a chance in hell will they ever fufill that status of fame.

  • teri

    never watched their show, but seeing what a worthless worm he is no wonder she has to be so much in control--because he is about as helpful as mold and poor kate has been actually raising 9 kids for years-- so now she's now down to raising 8 kids--good for her. yep where are the women now--bet he's looking for a sugar momma about now.

  • jeffvond

    Jon made his bed and now he has to lie in it. Finally. Where are all the ladies now, Jon??

  • does it matter
    does it matter

    it really doesnt matter. it was a very sad situation, and now they must live with whatever there lives deal with. It wasnt worth it was it now?

  • levasseur

    she is a total *va jay jay*. I mean he is no better. but she was the biggest bitch to him all the time and even to the kids. i dont blame him for cheating on her honestly.

  • yvetterene

    Seriously, who really gives a flying flip? I'm so over this.