Kim Kardashian Totally Nails It

Kim Kardashian Totally Nails It-photo

Being reality TV's reigning queen and a national icon of awesomeness can be stressful. And it's a little-known medical fact that anxiety can have a negative effect on on's nails, including brittleness and the ravages of nail-biting.

So who could blame Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian for carving out a little me-time and engaging in a little cuticle care by getting her nails done at a Beverly Hills nail salon on Tuesday?

Kudos, Kim, for realizing that the occasional moments of relaxation are a vital part of staying on top of one's game.

In related news, if you know someone who could really, really use a break, nominate them in Starbucks' "You Deserve One" contest. You and your stressed-out friend could win a Spa Weekend Getaway for two at South Beach's Bliss Spa. Because, hey, you deserve a break too.



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  • m

    why the hell does this website lick Ms. Pee-On-The-Face's butthole everyday. that whore -talk about the complete antithesis of contributing to society ... i reckon someone working at this site helped OJ murder some folk the way you suck up to that tranny's face.

  • westendwomen

    yeah i say it is good for me some time so go right ahead kim


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