RuPaul and Sarah Palin: The Hidden Connection

No, you’re not seeing double (we think); the image on the left is legendary transvestite RuPaul, spoofing the cover of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s recent bestseller, Going Rogue, in an ad for his reality series, RuPaul’s Drag Race.

A not-so-subtle dig at the arch-conservative politico, from America’s reigning drag queen? Perhaps, but before we rush to any hasty conclusions, let’s not rule out the possibility of sincere homage. After exhaustive research, Celebuzz has uncovered several shocking similarities between the Pride of Alaska and the Patron Saint of Cross-Dressing.

For your consideration, we present…RuPaul and Sarah Palin: The Hidden Connection.

RuPaul: Is a major figure in the drag scene.
Sarah Palin: Was a major drag on John McCain’s Presidential ambitions.

RuPaul: Is known for the catchphrase, “You better work.”
Sarah Palin: Favors free-market solutions over government handouts.

RuPaul: Broke barriers as an unlikely model for MAC cosmetics.
Sarah Palin: Once likened herself to a pitbull with lipstick.

Sarah Palin: Rejected a plan to make Wasilla’s bars close before 5 a.m.
RuPaul: Have you ever met a drag queen who wasn’t all about the parties?

Sarah Palin: Played up her foreign-policy qualifications.
RuPaul: Is the self-proclaimed Supermodel of the World.

Sarah Palin: Was an active participant on the beauty-pageant circuit.
RuPaul: Now judges cross-dressers on the televised beauty pageant RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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