Taylor Swift vs. Susan Boyle In Epic Battle For Year’s Top-Selling Artist

The epic struggle for a global music domination has come down to this: the young phenom teen-heartthrob-dater, Taylor Swift vs. the never-been-kissed, coal-mining town, overnight success story, Susan Boyle for the title of top selling music artist of the year. And we can think of only one reasonable way to settle this: a pudding-wrestling match to the death.

JK but seriously, neither of these ladies were on anybody’s radar just a year or two ago.  Now, they’re scooping up awards and their CDs are flying off record-store shelves. 

Consider the fact that Swift and Boyle are competing for the top spot, and that this year has also seen major breakouts from the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry, and this most definitely can be labeled as music’s Year of the Female Artist.

Tell us who you are pulling for as top selling music artist of the year?