Taylor Lautner’s Abs to Take on the Mexican Drug Cartel

Prepare yourselves, people; Taylor Lautner’s Rippling Abs of Justice will soon be restoring order to South of the Border!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the New Moon beefcake has signed on to star in Summit Entertainment’s upcoming action-romance flick Cancun. Lautner will play a rebellious college student who takes a vacation to the Mexican resort city with a girl, only to have his heroic mettle tested when—duhn-duhn-duhn!—his travel companion and her friends are kidnapped by a drug cartel, forcing Lautner’s character to save them.

The film, which will be the first project for the production company that Taylor recently set up with his father, Dan Lautner, is being used to showcase the martial-arts skills that T-Laut so so comically demonstrated during his recent hosting stint on Saturday Night Live.

No further plot details were released, but we’re betting that Lautner saves the day by taking off his shirt and dazzling the drug-slinging baddies into submission with his magnificent six-pack.

Hey, do you think you could resist that kind of offensive? Yeah, we didn’t think so.