Taylor Lautner’s Post-Twilight Career Officially on Meteoric Rise

Don’t worry about Taylor Lautner’s Abs any; they definitely won’t be going hungry once the Twilight Saga draws to a close with Breaking Dawn.

Following news that Lautner has landed starring roles in the upcoming Max Steel and Cancun, E! Online reports that Wolfie Boy is in negotiations to star in a remake of the 1985 Matthew Modine/Linda Fiornentino coming-of-age drama Vision Quest.

Oh, and here’s some other very good news—since Modine’s character was a high-school wrestling star and the new script is said to be “very faithful” to the original, we’re willing to make a very bold prediction right here on the spot: Can you say, “Abs ahoy”? And dare Taylor’s fans hope for a locker-room/shower scene?

According to a source,

“Taylor saw [the script] and is really excited about it. It’s very much in line with his athleticism. His character is someone who’s striving for greatness.”

Striving for greatness, eh? Sounds like there won’t be much acting involved at all for Lautner. It also sounds like Robert Pattinson suddenly has some pretty strong competition in the whole Twilight Break-Out Star arena.

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