The Tiger Woods Condom: You Knew This Was, uh, Coming

Golf legend Tiger Woods’ sponsors might be dropping him at an alarming rate, but there’s at least one product that proudly bears his likeness.

The Vertú Group has introduced the Tiger Woods Condom—sorry, the “Tiger Condom” to “Protect Your Wood,” which just happens to feature a man who bears a striking resemblance to Woods on the packaging—for those who might wish to enhance their sexual encounters by bringing the PGA champ into the mix.

The irony being, of course, that at least one of Woods’ alleged mistresses claims that he’s not big on the whole safe-sex thing.

They’re amusing, they’re tacky, and they’re “approved for swingers”!

We just hope that, at $3.95 a, um, pop, they’re sturdier than Woods’ marriage currently is.

Tell us in the comments, and be honest now: Would you use one?

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