Amy Winehouse and Pete Doherty Not Taking Holiday From Being Total Disasters

You guys are in luck, because today we’re having a 2-for-1 special on news about people who are a mess.

From the Tales of the Semi-Lucid, Amy Winehouse verbally assaulted actors on stage during a performance of “Cinderella” with a string of four-letter words that would cause even a wicked step-sister to blush. C’mon, who attacks fairy tale characters with the “f-word”?

Of course, Amy couldn’t stop with just the mouth-attack.  She got into a bit of a tussle with the theater’s manager, and, now, the police are investigating for potential charges.

In a bonus bit of Winehouse-she-be-crazy news, Amy has announced that she is newly re-engaged to, and wants to have kids with, ex-husband/junkie, Blake Fielder-Civil.  You may recall that the couple split a few months ago after a very brief, very raucous, very substance-laden marriage.

Fielder-Civil is currently in a court-ordered rehab following an arrest for assault. 

Could this really be a match made in heaven?

* * * * *

Perhaps inspired by the funny-but-sad cries for help from his music industry mate, Pete Doherty has found himself in another bit of a moronic pickle.

Moments after arranging for a no-jail-time plea for his recent drunk driving conviction, the disoriented Doherty accidentally dropped some “controlled substances” out of his pocket when proceeding through the court security checkpoint.

He was promptly re-arrested and taken across the street to start the court process all over again, this time for drug possession.

A new low for Pete or is that an almost impossibility at this point?