Brittany Murphy's Death: Early Signs Point to Natural Causes

Brittany Murphy's Death: Early Signs Point to Natural Causes-photo

Contradicting speculation that actress Brittany Murphy's death at the age of 32 on Sunday might have been the result of drugs or foul play, officials from the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office say that the Clueless thesp's passing was likely the result of natural causes, PopEater reports.

According to the Captain John Kades of the Coroner's Office,

"Foul play is not suspected at this time because there were no outward signs of trauma or other injuries."

Murphy was found unconscious at approximately 8 a.m. by her mother Sharon in the shower of the actress' Los Angeles home and, after paramedics were unable to revive her, she was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead at 10:04 a.m.

The actress had reportedly been suffering from flu-like symptoms in the days prior to her death, and had been vomiting early Sunday morning. In addition, Murphy's mother told paramedics that her daughter suffered from diabetes.

While no illegal drugs were found during a preliminary search of Murphy's home, she was likely taking a variety of prescription medications.

Despite her husband Simon Monjack's objections at the hospital, the Coroner's Office will be performing an autopsy on Murphy, perhaps as early as today. According to Kades of the Coroner's Office,

"We don't have an autopsy scheduled yet, but we will do it as soon as possible. Given all the worldwide attention, if we can get it done [Monday], we will."



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  • lizbizz11

    Natural causes? Ahh its called years of drugs and alcohol.

  • Natalie

    Her symptoms of her death remind me of a friend of mine who died of complications from diabetes. Don't go jumping the gun people. Diabetes is a serious disease and it's possible Brittany died from complications. My friend who passed away earlier this year (age 34 by the way) was throwing up constantly, slipping in and out of conciousness, etc ... My heart goes to Brittany's family. She was definitely a talented lady and I hope that something can be learned from her death, especiallly if it was related to diabetes.

  • Catrina

    Well, her weight did seem to fluctuate...and she didn't look too healthy in prior pictures. Yes, she looked as if she had addiction problems in the past, and yet took a recovery from it all...and being so thin, one can get sick really quickly....Hopefully she wasn't relying on prescription drugs to make it through the would think she'd know better with all the hoopla about MJ's death. Anyway, I'm sad to hear of her passing and give heart felt sympathy to her family for her loss.

  • noah

    Natural causes?! Um, unless you qualify years of cocaine abuse and drastic fits of bulimia/anorexia as dying from natural causes, then I'm guessing her lifestyle got the best of her.

  • Trudy

    I suspect that the flu symptoms are a bigger clue than people realize. Here in Canada we had a young hockey player die of H1N1, although he was perfectly healthy the day before. She may have pushed herself too hard while under the weather and the virus attacked her heart, just as it did his. Being diabetic couldn't have helped either.

  • tatts09

    i feel so bad for her lose a loved one is painful enough..but having people say she was a drug addict?that's just plain f*cking mean...i've been reading other comments about her on celebuzz and some people keep saying that she was on drugs..or she had an eating disorder..WE DON'T KNOW THAT..we don't even know her......we all should all just say a prayer for her and her family..RIP BRITTANY MURPHY..