Brittany Murphy’s Father, Co-Stars React to Her Death

As the world struggles to get over the shock of Brittany Murphy’s death at the age of 32 on Sunday and the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Department proceeds with its autopsy to determine the cause of her passing, Murphy’s family and former co-stars continue to express their grief, dismay and fond memories of the Sin City actress.

Admitting that he’s still “in shock” over his daughter’s untimely death, Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti, tells Us Magazine,

“There is nothing I can say. I can’t believe this is happening. She was a young 32. She wasn’t supposed to die like this.”

Bertolotti, a reputed former mobster who divorced Murphy’s mother when Brittany was two years old and later served prison time on federal drug charges, concedes that he hasn’t been particularly close to his daughter in recent years, but has kept an eye out for his offspring in case she needed his assistance:

“Ever since she married that Simon [Monjack, in 2007], I lost contact with her. But I always kept track of her to make sure she was OK in case she needed me. She married him and everything changed. After that, we weren’t so close.”


Despite rumors that she had become difficult to work with on recent projects, David Michael Latt, who directed the actress in the 2009 action-thriller Megafault, painted a very different picture of Murphy, sharing a touching anecdote from their time on the set:

“Brittany approached every day on set with smiles and a cheery attitude. She made it a point to meet everyone in the crew and thank the fans that came to set. I remember one instance when she heard that a young man just came back from two tours in Iraq. She went up to this soldier and thanked him for his service, took some pictures, and gave an autograph—even though she was in the middle of a very emotional scene.”

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