Hugh Jackman Frolics In the Snow (PHOTOS)

He's been a Wolverine.  He's been a vampire hunter.  Now, the versatile Hugh Jackman is a snowman. The uber-celeb-dad took his two kids, plus three young ones from actress-pal Cate Blanchett, to play in the snow at Manhattan's West Side Park. One doesn't typically equate Australians with snow-savvy pranksters, but Hugh does seem to have some mad winter skillz.

Check out our gallery for a full-serving of Hugh as cold-weather commando.



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  • sophie1986

    He can call me for a playdate anytime.

  • Cristina

    Really?! Can you get more perfect than this? Really now?! Can you?! I think not....

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Later, he taught the kids how to write their names in the snow.

  • alexa

    sorry celebuzz but that is a mountain hardwear jacket far from the oakley jacket you claim