Contest: Win The Ultimate Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Package!

Contest: Win The Ultimate Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Package!-photo

Warning: Exotic life forms are surrounding you! James Cameron’s Avatar delivers next generation special effects, resulting in a fully immersing cinematic experience of a new kind with Dolby 3D and Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

Ubisoft's recent release of James Cameron's Avatar: The Game expands upon the story line of the movie and delivers stunning surround sound with the help of Dolby. Great surround sound makes the moment. It can energize, amaze and totally immerse you whether you’re watching the latest blockbuster or engaging in combat on Pandora.

Now we're giving you a chance to experience total immersion yourself by winning the Ultimate Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Package, including a Sony PS3 120g (a $299 value), a Tritton  AX720 Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset (a $199 value) and a copy of James Cameron's Avatar: The Game for PS3 (a $49 value), adding up to $550 worth of gaming greatness!

For your chance to win, just hit up the comments section in this post and answer the following question: What is your most memorable experience where great sound brought out the realism, excitement and emotion of a movie or a video game?

Good luck!



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  • carel

    Planet Earth is like Planet Pandorra very special. We have to feel one with it, to feel the need to protect it. I saw the Blu-ray Earth, at a friend's home, about al the beautiful creatures this planet offers. It's unique to hear, in surround, the part of the bird sounds in the woods. With the perfect sound around me, I felt one with nature, just like the character in Avatar. It's worth fighting for!

  • Jeanette

    well, I'd have to say when I first watched war of the worlds with surround sound it was great. I know it isn't the best movie, lol, but it really did bring out more excitement in the movie with the surround sound being on. it was great and it scared the crap out of me and friends even more than it did when we watched it normally =P

  • Clint Houchin ⊕
    Clint Houchin ⊕

    Jurassic Park 3 I believe it was. Were in in the theater and my grandpa was wearing his cowboy hat (He never takes it off). There was a scene where the T-Rex screamed and blew the actors hat off and at the very same time, my grandfathers hat went flying into the row behind us. It was epic.

  • jennifersales

    When i was watching Gran Tarino in the movie theatres the sound was amazing and not nearly as legit as it was when i saw it in my house, it was actually absolutley BORING without the sound. When he gets shot at the end you could hear the music and the gun shots getting louder and louder and it felt as if you were there actually listening to it, breathing the characters air. Honestly sound is the most important thing i mean sure the visual effect are too but its been the most epic in the movie theaters. You can hear every detailed sound from characters doing the most simple things such as eating,typing, walking or even getting shot like in Gran Tarino. It brings the action alive and makes you're adrenaline rush and you're heart pump. Oh lastly in Jennifer's Body when she was eating the chicken from the fridge it brought raw emotion and was really disgusting but kind of cool at the same time because the sound was so clear almost as if you were there.

  • push

    avatar is the best ....the excitement while the battle going on in movie, emotional touch and amazing visuals, incredible action, cool 3D effects and best sound.

  • Yaz

    I'll try not to say Avatar, even though it was definitely one of the most amazing movie-going experiences with the surround sound, 3D, and IMAX. But, another big one would be Michael Jackson's This Is It. Never being a big fan myself, the sounds and visuals incorporated into the movie really made the music sound wonderful. Fabulous movie! Thanks to the magic of Dolby.

  • tempuser40

    Playing Halo (the first one) and experiencing such an intense feeling of anxiety that I had to remind myself that it was just a video game.

  • Victoria Lee
    Victoria Lee

    Across the Universe was something i've seen in the past that's realism was illuminated with the dolby sound system. What it does, it dissolves the present and throws you into the reality - the decade that it is presenting to you. Suddenly, I felt like the events happening in the film, were happening around me. It's an interesting experience and it's one that the director in a film tries to reach out to you.

  • comikaze

    Playing Resident Evil on the PS1 when the scary dogs burst through the windows got my hear pumping!

  • Travis

    Avatar for sure. the scene where their home tree is being destroyed. It was so moving and tragic. i had so many goosebumps!

  • me

    pretty much anything is better with surround sound :)

  • Vidorian

    Avatar has changed my life, as such it is the perfect example of where sound blended perfectly with realistic CGI representation. I've seen the movie over ten times in 3D and will continue to see it as often as possible. My sadness comes from the inability to see it in 3D once it leaves theaters, and, experience the immersion of surround sound. Nothing has ever been so beautiful. I can only hope this is a testament of the future, and not a fluke of the past. No matter how often I see Avatar, I always find tears springing to my eyes during Neytiri's first flight on her ikran, the music sweeps you into the moment even as the creatures wings sweep into the sky. I'm very touchy and picky about my soundtracks. It's easy to ruin an entire mood if the music is off. Horner did an amazing job, he always does, I appreciate his ability to create sweeping scores that fit the emotion of a moment. Another impressive scene that really drew you in with sound was when Hometree fell; you could hear the great tree branches splintering and cracking all around you in the theater. It made my heart race. 3D sound is meant to put you into the scene, move you emotionally. Avatar was able to draw me in like no movie has before.

  • lucssl

    Watching Avatar. The whole experience was intense. The RealD 3D combined with the amazing sound was amazing. It brought the characters and story to life.

  • babsyee

    Titanic sounds really added to the picture.

  • pangto

    the time when jason becomes the avatar was very memorable because it was showing how much he wanted hs legs to walk

  • Jordan

    One of so many favorites of John Williams, the "Theme from Jurassic Park" is one of the greatest themes ever created. It is the reason this soundtrack warrants a look by anyone. The rest is great at times, mostly serene, great music for the awe and childlike wonder that dinosaurs inspire, with moments where the intensity picks up when to movie moves from adventure to horror. Id say that this is perhaps some the finest work John has managed to do, it captures the mood and the feeling of the movie so well, a great score to one of the greatest movies ever. When I think memorable sound from any movie, Jurassic Park always comes to mind.

  • amylouhelfin

    I'd have to say it was the Lord of the Rings trilogy, especially the battle of Helm's Deep.

  • Orange

    during the more quiet scenes of Avatar... the little forest noises made me turn my head cuz I thought there was something next to me.

  • Gary McGougan
    Gary McGougan

    The Start of Star Wars Episode 3, After the title Scroll....feeling John Williams drums, Vibrate the whole Cinema, Feeling the Jedi Starfighters fly right over the top of my head, and diving into one of the most amazing CGI scenes ever, with the most amazing sound ever. EPIC!! (John Williams Music brings anything to life)

  • rockyman24

    The Call of Duty Modern Warfare was the game that touched my heart its ending was so emotional and felt that as if i was inside that game. Its visual and sound effect was awesome and incredible.

  • Ivan

    Need to see avatar again.....

  • Flargen

    Watching my friend play Heavenly Sword on his PS3, on his 65-inch TV with his 5.1 dolby surround system. I hadn't gotten that sucked into a game since then, because I've been playing Wii on a 22-inch TV without any sound system.

  • c04ch

    The first time I realized how much of a difference sound quality could make to the experience was my dad demoing T2: Judgement day on his shiny new laserdisc player for all the neighbors. I was 8 years old and Avatar was just a glimmer in Jim Cameron's eye. I've seen T2 probably a dozen times, but the motorcycle/dirt bike/truck chase at least twice as many. From the sounds of the 3 different engines, the bikes whizzing through puddles, the juggernaut truck banging through concrete barriers, Arnie c*cking and firing the shotgun with 1 hand, and the ultimate explosion of the truck, it's an intense action scene heightened by a barrage of Dolby 5.1 audio.

  • Justin

    Playing Uncharted 2 on Playstation 3 with surround sound maxed and fighting the helicopter. Simply amazing.

  • kuni

    When I first saw star wars episode 4. You heard the huge ship roar behind you as it came into the scene. It was amazing. I got shivers down my back from that experience.

  • Vittoria

    my most memorable sound related moment was beauty and the beast...even as a little girl, the swelling of the music during the ballroom scene made me sigh! ah, love :)

  • jk

    The last Lord of the Rings movie during the battle, I was kind of young, but the experience has lasted in my memory. It was very powerful and realistic with the sounds of war surrounding me.

  • Miko

    the day after tomorrow wtih klipsch surround sound

  • peter

    avatar was my first 3D imax experience and i must say that the surround sounds and pictures blew me away. the amazing sound made me feel like i was right in the middle of it! especially in the last battle scene

  • Jess Stout
    Jess Stout

    Just saw this movie yesterday and it was awesome!!!

  • duffman8

    In The Royal Tenenbaums When Richie Tenenbaum is attempting suicide, Elliott Smith's song "Needle in the Hay" is playing and it is beautiful for the scene. The whole soundtrack is perfect for the film and makes the movie that much more spectacular.

  • firesoled

    watching avatar when sully passed in and out of consciousness...

  • Dwight

    The introduction of characters Grégoire de Fronsac and Mani in the movie "Brotherhood of the Wolf" comes into my mind. The soundtrack "Gevaudan," made by Joseph LoDuca and the sounds of the rain pouring and thunder roaring made that scene so memorable. I felt like I was there with the two protagonists fighting an army of thugs!

  • JennyTilJune

    Watching the Dark Knight was pretty great. Batmans main theme music is great and allowed me to get the feeling that I was really watching something epic. The piercing ring that would play at points really built up the suspense. Also, the moment when the semi flipped, you really felt as if you were right there seeing the event take place in front of you. All in all, an awesome exprience.

  • ray16

    Three things come to mind: Dead Space, the Phantom Menace Pod Race scene and the set piece scenes in the first Transformers movie. All of them have pretty fantastic use of surround sound to create a large sound scape that puts you inside a bubble of awesome. Thanks for the chance to win a neat prize package. :)

  • Boomslanger

    Jurassic park in theaters, surround sound approaching dinosaurs scared the heck out of me. It was the first time in my life where I realized that a great sound system and special effects can make something great. I have appreciated great sound quality and great movies ever since.

  • Leejay Abucayan
    Leejay Abucayan

    Ninja Turtles on NES soundtrack. The end.

  • A.J. Napoli
    A.J. Napoli

    Recently, Modern Warfare 2 is extremely immersive when I hear an explosion behind me and then I turn around to see it go boom. But honestly, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is my most memorable experience. On my little 19" tube screen speakers, every grassy field and every dungeon theme rang a certain cord in my head. I new I was in a new world every time a new song theme played in that game. Which is the same reason why I still listen to that soundtrack often, it's brilliant.

  • Lou Augone
    Lou Augone

    there are so many great moments i would have to say as far as a gaming experience enhanced by the surround sound and visual effects has to be the ending sequence of call of duty man of warfare 2 it was just so action packed and there was a tremendous amount of anticipation leading into the ending of the storyline of the game as for movies the most recent has to be avatar i saw it in 3d and imax and throughout the entire movie i truly felt like a kid on my first Disney world ride avatar like a ride at disney world did not miss one detail and was extremely visually stimulating so much so my wife was getting a little motion sickness i am definitely going to see it again i feel like there was too much detail to take in after just one viewing

  • kapnkool

    My favorite was Dead Space for the PS3. The ambient sound effects added an immense creepiness to the game that enveloped you deeper into the terror of the game.

  • aubrey

    The movie Titanic as the ship was sinking and the music paused and you could hear was like being there!

  • pat

    DEFINITELY JAWS. So scary. Without the sound that movie would be nothing!

  • Joe Benedict
    Joe Benedict

    There are so many examples of great audio and music in a movie - I think the best examples are Pearl Harbor, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and Titanic. The sound effects help define the scenes and the music fills in the emotion.

  • nemoproxy

    It was I went to see Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark in a somewhat run down theater, my town didn't get many movies so it was a great treat to see this one.. The scene where the boulder is chasing him, much to our surprise a train was passing behind the theater and shook the whole place. As it was happening I thought it was a new feature just for this movie and was completely in shock over how awesome this was. Back then when the audio wasn't as good it is now, this was pretty amazing...

  • Joseph Chapman
    Joseph Chapman

    Saving Private Ryan. All of the battle scenes had the most awesome sound -- made you feel like you were in it.

  • devilish

    I used to have surround sound and I listened to everything I had to "hear" it again. Terminator 2 is still just awesome.

  • Remington Langley
    Remington Langley

    The static noise in Silent Hill, Specifically Silent Hill 2, on the PS2. It is always there, lower in the background, constantly reminding you there are things out there, waiting. It' gets louder and louder as you near an enemy, until it's nearly deafening. Your turn your flashlight off, hoping it won't see you, and now your blind, using only the static for guidance. Only that stands between you and fighting or running for your life from monsters manifested straight from your character's deepest psychological problems. Combined with the eerie siren in the Other World, it's an extremely potent suspense c*cktail. No game has ever used sound so clearly, as such an integral part of a game. Your life literally depends on all available senses in Silent Hill, sound most of all.

  • Sean E.
    Sean E.

    The whole Lord of the Rings trilogy really captured filming, editing, and audio technology at its best. The ending of Return of the King, with the music I remember it blew me away.

  • Travis I
    Travis I

    The most memorable movie sequence is from the first 30 minutes of "Saving Private Ryan" The scenery, action and sound of the storming of Normandy left me almost shocked and drained.

  • Jackie

    I remember Jurassic Park....that was the first movie where the visuals combined with the sounds blew me away. I think everyone remembers the scene in the car where the water picks up the vibrations of t-rex' steps. :) And the dinosaur's screams were so real, too! Awesome movie, even if -by now- a little outdated.

  • gretchen

    watching the horribly campy horror movie "the stepfather" as a kid in my best friend's basement circa like 88' when surround sound was still pretty new and i just remember being amazed by the feeling of being enveloped in sound. so cool.

  • James

    ID4, when the alien ship destroyed the white house. That was the first time I remember the sound of a movie shaking me in my seat.

  • Joey

    My favorite moment was from the 2008 swedish vampire movie (NOT twilight) called Let the Right One In. It was when Oskar makes Elie come into his house uninvited and she starts to bleed out of her face and skin, and it's as though you can hear her blood vessels popping. Gruesome and riveting!

  • llama1324

    Star Trek. An amazing movie only made into a better experience by sound totally engulfing my ears.

  • Bianca

    when i say the Dark Night on Blue-Ray at my cousins house. It was such an amazing experience since they have surround sounds. I was just blown away of how the quality and sound was. I really want to experience it again and im hoping i can win the ps3:)

  • cHr1sm

    The most memorable experience i've had was when i was watching Jurassic Park, i was in the theaters and just remembered how the sound made the movie pop out. The sounds from the sound track and the sounds from the dinosaurs just made the movie feel more real and it was awesome hearing the raptors call out.

  • Chloe Saladbar
    Chloe Saladbar

    While Playing Left 4 Dead 2 Each special zombie has their own sound and u can hear them everytime their around. I'd get all excited and my pulse beats faster, that feeling that you get when they surround you and you cant move around that much. Everytime u hear that sound with that volume cranked up you'd get all nervous because you dont know if it will attack you or your team mate but then when u kill it youd get all happy,excited and c*cky =]

  • Victor Solis
    Victor Solis

    Bioshock This game is truly a audio masterpiece. playing it on yv stereo speakers and on a surround sound system is like night and day.

  • David

    Trying to watch War of the Worlds with a 12" sub. Also, Pirates of the Caribbean, because the surround is great in that movie. You hear the deck of the ship squeaking all around you.

  • Steven Griswold
    Steven Griswold

    Dark Knight, particularly the scene where Batman flips the semi. The scene was amazing and it really felt like you were right in front of that truck as it was flipping over.

  • neondaroo

    I'm going to say the Lord of the Rings trilogy like another poster above. The vast environment and grandness of the world really comes to life in your ears with a great sound system.

  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang

    I have to say the movie airforce one and ronin. when I first acquired my system, the gun fights and the car chasing scene in Ronin is just amazing, and in airforce one, def when the planes are flying .

  • Kevin Wang
    Kevin Wang

    Isn't this game suppose to be 3D ?

  • Mike Coulson
    Mike Coulson

    The first jurassic park when the T-Rex is revealed for the first time. ...and the water glass is showing ripples with the deep bass of the footsteps building suspense.

  • Craig Thomas Staunton
    Craig Thomas Staunton

    Whenever I watch the Killers "Live at Albert Hall" and the band is jamming out on the TV, it feels like I'm there. The crowd is screaming behind me, the bass crawls thru the floor to my feet and the lyrics hit me as if I was right there. That's my most memorable moment.

  • Chrissy Lovell
    Chrissy Lovell

    any and all guitar hero games. the great sound makes you feel like you're really in the band, and really makes things more fun when you're with friends.

  • vanesa

    omg watching transformers in my house with surround sounds was amazing! even my windows were trembeling! love it!

  • jsmithers

    John Williams music in Star Wars brought out the realism, excitement and emotion of the movie. There is very little dialog in the 1st 5 minutes. It is truly "space opera."

  • someonelikeyoou

    To be honest, I've never had this experience before. I would love to with these prizes!

  • leeloo

    i loved this film! it was awesome! art first i wasn't interested in but then i saw it and i totally loved it!

  • Joseph Boyer
    Joseph Boyer

    It was a long time ago - I went to see Twister when it came out. The theatre manager stood in the front and informed the sell-out crowd a new sound system was installed and that if you had a weak heart, he would refund your money if you got up to leave now. He let us know that you would "feel" the movie. He wasn't kidding!

  • Vicky Alvear Shecter
    Vicky Alvear Shecter

    AVATAR, of course, and the obvious big scenes. However, the "small" scenes--walking in the jungle, the flowers spinning, etc, etc., became more real with the surround sound. It was a subtle thing but it made a huge impact.

  • niania

    "Black Hawk Down" . The full blown battle, it was intense.

  • mfj500

    Its Funny just last night I was watching Hellboy 2 and the sound was just stunning and so real just a great time like being really in the movie, surround sound is the best

  • Kris Ahn
    Kris Ahn

    The heist scene of the Dark Knight in IMAX. Blew my mind!

  • chris

    The whine of the monolith in 2001. whoaaaaaaaaa

  • Kyle

    Planet Earth on a projector screen in surround sound. It was more real than real life. Avatar confirms this: nature produces the best sounds in the world.

  • Jendbxoxo

    Titanic. The moment when the ship is going down and all you hear is metal and destruction and people screaming. Then, th noise fades and the music comes on. Rose is lookig around at everyone scrambling to stay alive and out of the water. All the mommies with their young children. It still gets me. sad

  • Michael Janczyn
    Michael Janczyn

    Playing modern combat 2. I can hear exactly where the other players are, creeping around thanks to my 7.1 system

  • RT

    When I brought my noise-canceling headphones on this plane trip I took two years ago and used it to watch Final Destination on DVD. Let's just say it was so realistic, I wanted to get off MY flight!

  • sgc33

    This is incredible.

  • Big AL
    Big AL

    Cloverfield as the monster is ripping through NYC. Simply amazing.

  • htodd

    Star Wars. I loved the LSO during that movie.

  • paxhamilton

    The fourth of July, 1996. I, a naive 11 year old, was forcefully dragged out of the neighborhood pool to accompany my older sister to see the latest Hollywood action flick: Independence Day. I knew I was in store for some spectacular special effects and some good old fashion Will Smith wisdom; but as the movie concluded and the screen faded to black, suddenly my ears and soul were enveloped with a sense of pride. A tribute not just to America, but a tribute to freedom reigned throughout the theater as the patriotic music score blasted from the surround sound speakers. To this day, it remains the only instance in my life where I have stood up and clapped at the conclusion of a film.

  • Sudarsan Venkatachalam
    Sudarsan Venkatachalam

    The final scene of the movie Gladiator after Russel Crowe dies.

  • Woodsonj

    going this weekend to see Avatar, cannot wait

  • dan

    I cant pinpoint exactly where, but I loved LOTR. sound made me feel immersed in the movie.

  • spring

    the climax of Avatar hands down. I was so immersed that I didn't even get dizzy. that's saying a lot since 3D movies is like taking ipecac for me.

  • Joyce Kent
    Joyce Kent

    The first time I saw Jurassic Park in the theatre. The sound was amazing, the whole theatre shook every time a dinosaur took a step or roared. The sound just rattled right through me.

  • kh

    I am gonna have to go with Terminator 2 in the theater.

  • rob villa
    rob villa

    jurassic park when the power shut down in the park and the raptors were loose , that sound in the movie in dolby surround was awesome!

  • rob villa
    rob villa

    jurassic park when the power shut down in the park and the raptors were loose , that sound in the movie in dolby surround was awesome!

  • eymerich

    I really have to admit the Gladiator was so…powerful. When I first saw it in a theater: the movie soundtrack was a masterpiece itself, but it was splendidly emphasized by the mighty and high-powered sound. Oh, and idem with the Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. I really went off the deep end with it: wide-screen, and a high high high music…*speechless* But when I'm in my room alone, I put my reliable earphones on and….the music creates, moulds, modifies the reality around me….it gives me the goosebumps, it gets me aroused (in a very artistically way, I swear ;)), it even makes me cry…I know it may sounds pathetic. Can't really help it, thou :/

  • Judd

    I think Jurassic Park still has the best sound design of any film, though the first Transformers come close. But the T-Rex attack, for my money, has the most resonating, impactful sound beats of any scene I've ever watched. The movie itself has this incredible way of taking natural sounds and at the same time making each dinosaur 'roar' sound unique and like something you'd never heard before. And Transformers is just creative and kinetic. That first base attack scene, like the T-Rex attack, is mostly done without score and it allows the sound effects to attack you from every direction. It sucks you right in.

  • mysteryxxx

    Best audio/video scene for me was the storming of the beach in Saving Private Ryan. I felt like I was there with them with bullets flying by. Best audio/video for a video game has to be Uncharted 2. The gaming and movie sequences were seamless.

  • Tyler Campbell
    Tyler Campbell

    The most memorable experience I have regarding a great sound experience that sticks with me to this day was actually the first time I went to a Dolby-Surround Sound theatre to experience 'Twister'. Being 15 at the time, to feel as if I was actually there experiencing the storm first-hand in all of its glory blew me away....literally! It enveloped me in that surround sound and I never have turned back since. Ya ya there sound has developed since then commercially and at home, but that first experience....woosh! That is the way to experience a movie!

  • judesilva

    What comes to mind is the Mortal Kombat movie... the first one of course. Never has a movie got me as pumped up with just the opening credits alone. It starts out with the screen all black and a guy screaming, "Mortal Kombat!" What was cool about it was, the scream started in the back of the theater and then it rolled to the front. It was immediately followed by a great techno theme song. All this in glorious surround sound. So when the flames shot out of the dragon logo, the sound effect would jump from the left side of the theater to the right depending on where the flame is. It was freakin sweet!

  • Jonathan L.
    Jonathan L.

    It has to be Jurassic Park. I remember being a kid in the theaters being blown away about the roars of dinosaurs. I had never heard a dinosaur in my life and I got so frighten that i hide behind the chair in front of me!

  • Gabe

    Definitely "Saving Private Ryan." The sound in that film really put me on the beach on that horrible day. The sounds of bullets whizzing all around was horrifyingly real.

  • FrogFins

    The first IMAX movie I was was The Dark Knight. I remember sitting in the theater during the opening scenes and thinking, "God damn!"

  • Emma B.
    Emma B.

    Well, about three years ago or so, my mom, my brother, my friend and I went to Bakken in Denmark (an amusement park). There, you could watch 3 different 3D movies, with chairs that vibrated and moved, and with ah-mazing sound. I freaked out a lot because of the sound! One time, I could swear there was a snake behind me! I shiver at the thought... Anyway, we eatched all three movies - I'll never forget it!

  • MH

    It's technically not a movie or video game, but the anime Full Metal Alchemist? Yeah, the flashback scene showing Ed and Al as kids, set to the Russian song "Brothers". Tears me up every time.

  • Madi

    Definitely every single moment of Shadow of the Colossus.

  • threatlevelmidnight

    Most all the battle scenes of Band of Brothers. Really great depth.

  • dmak02


  • ChristheFuzzy

    My most memorable time would have to be whilst playing Dead Space for the PC. Visceral really worked hard on achieving just the right mix of tension, eerie ambiance, and pure terror throughout the game's already-frightening settings. Close second would be - huge surprise - The Lord of the Rings. All of it.

  • Jason Obaob
    Jason Obaob

    Seeing the first Jurassic Park as a young [pre?]teen in the theater

  • Jason Obaob
    Jason Obaob

    Seeing the first Jurassic Park as a young [pre?]teen in the theater

  • Kenan Ali
    Kenan Ali

    PS3 Please

  • Kenan Ali
    Kenan Ali

    Can I get a PS3 please

  • gangstahlicious

    The entire LOTR Trilogy promoted a soundtrack that made me literally tingle. Also, I have always loved hearing the music in the Halo series. So epic. It makes the whole experience more incredible.

  • Saher Khalil
    Saher Khalil

    In the dark knight when batman jumps off the plane to glide to the building, no music plays, and all you hear is the flapping of his cape in the wind. it makes you forget that your in a theatre and you feel like you are right there flying with him.

  • Jason

    Watching Star Wars: A New Hope with the pop. He told me that the sound in Star Wars was what really got to him and wanted me to watch it aside him.

  • Sarah

    Lord of the Rings, when Frodo looks down from the mountain showing the Eye of Solomon and the army. The visual was memorable, but the sound was what put the fear into you.

  • Dan Garcia
    Dan Garcia

    Jurassic Park. First time T-rex roars.. man that was great.

  • Rob Watkins
    Rob Watkins

    My most memorable gaming moment involving sound was playing Looking Glass Studios' Thief: The Dark Project. Sitting in a dark room late at night with headphones on while playing this game remains the ultimate gaming experience involving sound even though the game is over 10 years old. Straining to glean every bit of information from each foot step you hear, trying to pinpoint the locations of the guards in the vicinity without actually being able to see them. To this day, Thief: The Dark Project remains the only computer game where I've actually moved my head to the side of the screen while attempting to peer surreptitiously around a corner in the game.

  • Michael

    The Indiana Jones DVD set, now THAT really sounds great on a proper system!

  • Neal

    The gunfight scene on the street in the movie Heat

  • Winner?

    I would have to say X-Men the last stand when the bridge in san francisco was breaking. The sound of the magnetic forcefield was out of this world..very cool.

  • Winner?

    I would have to say X-Men the last stand when the bridge in san francisco was breaking. The sound of the magnetic forcefield was out of this world..very cool.

  • Jonathan Hogue
    Jonathan Hogue

    Two words...Star...Wars. Once I saw that, I was hooked on movies with immersive sound and alot of action. It helped that Star Wars is an awesome movie too lol.

  • vkrazzy

    When i first saw the I AM LEGEND movie in a theater the sounds of the environment and the sounds of the people infected with the virus was just awesome. later i buy the blu-ray and watched again at home and the atmosphere of the movie without the dolby surround sound was just not the same. the movie lost a lot of the tension and the spectacularity without a good sound system.

  • kenneth4298

    Armageddon or Patriot for movies

  • hhh420

    The new speed racer movie. Having the sounds of the cars amplified with surround sound made it feel like you sitting right on the race track. Not to mention watching the movie on a hd tv with all of its bright colors jumping out at you. Movie watching at its best.

  • rhymes9

    I'm not much of a gamer but watching Avatar opening night in 3-D IMAX was quite an experience! The scene in particular that has stuck with me was at the end when the Na'vi where all chanting and praying together to Eywa for Jake Sully's transition to his new body. The visuals coupled with the communal chants was very moving.

  • spartans

    Harry Potter with surround sound would be my answer. Amazing stuff.

  • danish20

    When I was around 3 me and my sister watched Jurassic Park with my mom in her bed and it was sooo scary becuase it was so loud and realistic, I always remember that whenever I see that movie.

  • timbotron

    Avatar, when Sully is lost in the dark night of Pandora, only with great surround sound can u fully understand what being lost in the wild can be like and the paranoid/panic that comes with it

  • Mike

    def. the soundtrack in the original star wars. Goose bumps everytime!

  • Dan

    You guys are fogetting about all the underwater IMAX movies at the museum. Sometimes I'm afraid I'll drown.

  • samara

    when i was watching requiem for a dream and they played the lux aeternal song i got CHILLS....i remember that to this day and i saw that movie ten years ago.

  • dadoftwins

    PS3 Army Of Two, WHile holding ofr the baddys in the courtyard. Stand in the middle and the sound is unreal

  • Doc_Martin

    Yeah. Lets take a long running broadway show, paint the cats blue, and give them a bunch of guns. Surprised they didn't throw them all on a sinking ship.

  • sss1685

    Wow. This is a very hard question that will lead to a million answers. My top 3 movies that i'd say brought that surround sound quality is Lord of the Rings, 300, and Jurassic Park. I just felt like I was in the movie it was this feeling of excitement and getting that chance to experience what some of these actors go thru. The way the dinosaurs looked and sounded was incredible. 300 captured the quality of a battle and cut throat of each detail when watched. Lord of the rings made me jump at every moment as if i was the fighting to get that ring and destroy it. Hands down there are more on the top of my head but if i could chose Avatar I would seeing that at this moment it's the only thing i want to see every day. lol i'm on my #5 time seeing this in theater. If i would have to chose a game it would probably be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which almost made me dizzy and nauseous it felt so real.

  • Edward Castillo
    Edward Castillo

    The helicopter sequence in Uncharted Among Thieves - when the building starts to crash down you can hear every little detail all around you. It is a perfect example of how surround sound should be. In fact the majority of the game is full of non stop action pack surround sound.

  • thad

    gears of war 2 on my Philips 5.1 surround and full metal jacket on same system

  • Vice

    I'd probably say first aliens and first star wars. both films set new standards and they were made so long ago when a lot more work went into making the sounds.

  • Brandon Matthew Geiger
    Brandon Matthew Geiger

    Being captured in Rapture. Bioshock from beginning to end offers the best in sound to scare, freak, and calm you until the bitter end.

  • Eric Asch
    Eric Asch

    In the beginning of Saving Private Ryan when the bullets start zipping past 'your' ears. Immersive and terrifying; you can feel the cold of the water.

  • Camille Echague
    Camille Echague

    Tough choice but I have to give credit to the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. The movie gave me the feeling that what I am seeing all throughout the movie is real. The effects were really genuine, made me feel that I'm a part of it.

  • sheb1

    What else but Avatar? I saw it in the theatre and now I MUST go see it at an IMAX theatre. Simply amazing! No need to say more........

  • Ben

    My soundgasm moment is playing Myst for the first time. The atmosphere and the visuals were amazing, but hearing everything around you in a 5.1 system made it a truly immersive experience for me. It was the first time I felt INSIDE a game. I felt part of this great, colorful and unique universe, part of the abandoned culture. Hearing the wind whistle on the cliff, or the hum of the machines just blew my mind.

  • ahmed fayaz
    ahmed fayaz

    the last battle between the decepticons and the autobots with the U.S military. The sound of gun firing, destruction and the robots transforming was just out of this world!!

  • sundus

    Type your comment here.watching Wanted in the big screen for the first time was one hell of an experience..the sound was super as though i was right there in the movie!!!!

  • ijx123ijx

    Watching Avatar 3D, hearing all the little sound effects making you feel how real the movie is.

  • luiii

    Avatar's the best because it was the first movie i've seen in IMAX and it was all worth it! :)

  • James

    Watching the re-released Star Wars at the theaters.

  • Anneka

    300 - the entire movie. The battles were intense, the sound completely surrounding you in the theater. Let's face it, without immersive sound, movies lose a dimension.

  • abigailjune

    For me the most memorable movie going experience with great effects and what not would be when my sister, dad and i went to War of the Worlds. Any movie in the theater is a totally different experience than any in your house, but this movie in particular to this day haunts me. The creepy metal sounds the alien tripods made in the film have lingered in my mind ever since i saw that film in theaters. When we were seeing it in the theater, it may not have been the content of the film or the acting (*cough* Tom Cruise *cough*), but rather the audio effects and the sounds that the film makers used that has made that movie stick with me for all these years since i've seen it. To this day if i hear a noise similar to any of those from the film, i get goosebumps and chills going up my body in fear, just like i did the first time i saw the movie.

  • Rotona

    Watching Planet Earth on a 61 inch tv, and 5.1 surround sound hearing every little thing. Seeing each individual bird out of thousands flying around. Amazing.

  • aaron

    watching pro football, hearing individual fans curse at the players in the surround speakers from behind. feel like im at the game!

  • JLW

    I was 7 years old and saw Jurassic Park in New York City for the first time. The first time I saw the water in the cup start to ripple and I heard the footsteps of the nearby T-rex is a moment that I will never forget. I may have only been 7, but I knew right then and there the meaning of the word "suspense."

  • Xanderpants

    All of Return of the Jedi in Dolby, melted my brain a little bit.

  • D_MC

    For me it'd have to be Pixar's Wall-E. That movie had amazing sound going on, so rich and deep. Surround sound was a must for that.

  • rfun6

    I think Jurassic Park had great sound. It was exciting when the T Rex is close by, and the water vibrates in the cup. The whole movie sounded great. Avatar is going to be another favorite movie of mine, it was great. Wish they would make more of these entertaining movies to watch, action, scifi, romance, drama. Had something for everyone.

  • someoneelse

    For me, I would have to say it was when I saw the first matrix on my first ever 5.1 surround system. That scene when Neo dodges those bullets on the roof top, and hearing those bullets travel from the front speakers to the rear was one of the most memorable sound moments I have ever had. That was the first time I ever experienced 5.1 sound in my own house and I haven't looked back since.

  • Mark

    When I watched Lost and Mikhail's ears pop and bleed by the sonic fence! Awesome noise when using surround sound. Too bad I don't have speakers anymore...

  • Justin Souza
    Justin Souza

    My most fond videogame surround sound experience was also my first: Star Wars: Dark Forces, in which the mere use of directional sound was used to indicate enemy encounters that weren't directly in front of me. I remember clearly that I first encountered it when I piloted my avatar around a corner and clearly heard, even from my two scratchy computer speakers, that there was someone behind me. The idea of it blew me away, that a simple sound cue could be used so innovatively opened the world of entertainment for me. Granted this was long after THX had opened the possibilities of movie sound but that the memory stays with me so vividly I think speaks to the importance of the moment.

  • IamJimmy

    With my first surround sound system. I was using "The Matrix" as my test DVD...the lobby shootout...and I actually heard the bullets move past me. Something I'll never forget. AWESOME.

  • Diana

    Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude on PC

  • JPR

    The sound during the opening credit sequence of Gattaca effectively heightens the illusion they are trying to create.

  • Jennifer Heming
    Jennifer Heming

    Playing Fallout 3 my old Xbox 360...I started hearing a deathclaw running up from behind me (nasty, nasty character in the game...) and I had to turn around and look behind me on my couch because I swore it was in the room (and I was completely sober at the time)

  • onlysublime

    I loved the rumbling of the seats during Armageddon...

  • paliane

    Saving Private Ryan. The sounds of the movie really places the viewer on the beaches of June 6, 1944. Through the extraordinary use of sound, I felt like I was there- and that's what I call an effective use of sound!

  • Rena

    My most memorable has to be Avatar. It was my first 3D movie that I watched, and during the last scene while everyone is together and fighting the marines the sound and the picture just made it that much better. And when Neytiri says the heavens have answered the music makes it the perfect moment

  • Rena

    My most memorable has to be Avatar. It was my first 3D movie that I watched, and during the last scene while everyone is together and fighting the marines the sound and the picture just made it that much better. And when Neytiri says the heavens have answered the music makes it the perfect moment

  • Jeffrey Wonoprabowo
    Jeffrey Wonoprabowo

    Most memorable experience was watching Saving Private Ryan with surround sound. The beach landing was intense.

  • JP Young
    JP Young

    It was when I first watched Deep Throat on a 40 inch flatscreen in 5.1 Dolby. The sound made me truly FEEL Linda's c*cksucking prowess as I grinded my crotch on the speaker and she made me cum sooo f*cking hard.

  • DG

    Harry Potter & the Half -Blood Prince -- when Harry and Dumbledore journey to the cave. The erupting sounds amplified Dumbledore's magnificent powers and it strongly foreshadowed the fatal dangers that lay ahead that night.

  • Miguel Zavala
    Miguel Zavala

    The first movie I saw in the theatre was Toy Story 2 when i was eight, I had seen the first one in VHS and that was awesome!!!!! But seeing Buzz on the big screen was epic! the opening scene where we see him flying was amazing!!! completely blew my mind!!!

  • Raúl Flores
    Raúl Flores

    Jurassic Park overall had sound so on point that it made the movie so much better. First and foremost, the John Williams soundtrack was spectacular. Every theme hitting its mark and really juicing every emotion out of a scene. There are certain parts in the movie that sound really did it for me. The first one I can think of is the part where Tim is climbing down the fence and the alarm comes on. I remember literally being scared as soon as the alarm began to blare. Then the music cue comes in and you realize that this kid could die. And there it is the droning of the alarm and the clicks of Dr. Saddler switching the circuit breakers on constantly getting closer to the padlock that Tim was clinging on to. And the music gets faster, and the violins and trumpets draw you in and the alarm keeps on droning. Till she finally hits the last circuit breaker that sends the poor kid flying off the fence in a loud burst and sizzle. Second, was the scene with the Velociraptors. The sounds those beasts made was frightening. Especially that deep purring. Very sinister. And their squeals. Then there was their nail tapping on the floor. Such a subtle noise but very effective in emoting how intelligent the animal was and in turn making sure the audience knew the extent and power of the creature that these kids and adults were facing. Too good!

  • uberfunction

    Avatar was awesome, visuals and sound. Seeing it was like the feeling I got when the audience got a glimpse of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. James Horner did the same thing in Avatar that John Williams did for Jurassic Park. Brilliant!

  • Robert Cortez
    Robert Cortez

    Coincidentally, the first time I can remember being totally awestruck by the sound of a movie was when I first saw Cameron's The Abyss in a fully decked out THX certified theater way back in 1989. The sound in that film is amazing and it really made me appreciate the audio work that goes into making every second believable for an audience..

  • ifyoupark

    toy story 2. the facial expressions were exact, they captured emotion, and the musical cuing was on. i loved the scene 'jessie's story.' a real break through in animating ability

  • John Nolte
    John Nolte

    The Battle of Midway, I was a little kid and they had just added premium sound to the theater, all the seats were wired together and vibrated during some of the scenes where the japanese were diving into the ships... the machine gun fire will always be one of my greatest movie memories... that had to be at least 30 years ago now.

  • mayito8

    Well i was at a friends house playing uncharted 2, he had a nice tv and surround sound system, it was AMAZING!

  • Amanda

    I saw harry potter in 3D and it was pretty cool. I still haven't seen Avatar so I bet it will be on my Top list!

  • morganh

    Avatar is without a doubt the best movie I have ever seen, thanks in part to its incredible sound and score. I first saw Avatar at IMAX and the sound was astounding. When missles were being fired at hometree, it felt like fireworks were going off. Every musical number is perfectly suited to the scene to bring out the best in it. My most memorable experinence with sound in a video game is Mass Effect. Never have I played a game with such epic sound. It was top notch and made the whole production feel like I was controlling a character in a movie.

  • Victor Ituarte
    Victor Ituarte

    Hard Candy! Sometimes less is more and that film played that up big time. There's so little sound going on that every nuance affected the experience. The most effective use in the movie was when the girl was castrating him. Although we saw none of what was going on, the scraping, cutting, and snipping sounds were enough to see with the mind's eye, what was going on. PICK ME! Haha.

  • Celeste

    Hands down, watching Dark Knight Blu-ray on my 7.1 home theater setup. I had problems with picture setup half-way through the first view, but the sound definitely made up for it! The rich bass, pounding sound effects, thundering score, my apartment walls were shaking from the deafening audio. I'm glad my neighbors didn't complain! :) Since then, every time my friends come over and they want a demo of my setup, I show them the Dark Knight Prologue because I know the sound alone will completely blow them away!

  • Gallaghoul

    Two movies stand out in my mind for stunning visual and audio. One is Sunshine (2007) and the other is Avatar IMAX 3D. I have never been more impressed by a movie experience. The music for both of these movies was piercing, poignant, and powerful, as well as perfectly in tune with the story and emotion that I was feeling as I watched. Like the timeless soundtrack of Star Wars, it kept me grounded in the reality of sentiment, no matter how fanciful the story.

  • Zach

    MGS4 was an amazing experience with surround sound. I loved being able to hear an enemy behind me and then be able to quickly move into hiding. It added a lot of realism to the experience.

  • me

    counterstrike so i can hear which direction people are coming and shoot them first

  • Taylor

    The greatest experience that I ever had, would be watching Jurassic Park, and feeling the sense that a dinosaur would literally appear right behind you. The sound gave you a direct sense that you were in Jurassic Park next to the T-Rex experience.

  • Gallaghoul

    I loved the movie and I can't wait to experience the game!

  • drdickmd

    Last of the Mohicans musical score accompanying any of the travel/searching through the woods scenes. Where there is little talking or even action it imparts the inner emotions of the characters at the time as well as adding tension. As for video games I've always enjoyed turning up the speakers on car games just to hear the wail of the engines and go for the true feel like you're sitting in the seat feeling, ie Forza series.

  • Jonathan

    Well,if I'm going to tell you about a time, I might as well tell you about my first time I can remember. I went to see Jurassic Park at an old time movie theater in Bala Cynwyd, near my home town. The scene where the T-Rex first screamed made my stomach turn it was so loud and actually scared me...and made me sick to my stomach. It was awesome.

  • Mike

    Watching Saving Private Ryan, when they're on the beach and the bullets are flying all around you. Haunting and stunning.

  • Goose

    I was once watching The Last Samurai, when I heard rainfall and bolted out of the house to get my laundry that I had hung. I open the door and was hit by blinding sunlight. No rain. Just a especially realistic-sounding thunderstorm scene in the movie...gotta love surround sound.

  • Joe Gotoff
    Joe Gotoff

    The part in Paul Thomas Anderson's There Will Be Blood when the oil finally erupts out of the derrick and the third movement of the Brahms Violin Concerto sounds is quite possibly the greatest cinematic/musical moment of all time. He captures the excitement so well both visually and musically, making for an incredible experience in the theater!

  • Veronica

    The excitement of Jurassic Park in the movies when it first came out. It was so cutting edge back then and it was like you could feel the dinosaurs move around you.

  • Kath

    Never cared for 3D movies until I watched Avatar in 3D and left the movie theater breathless and in a trance. Best experience of 2009!!

  • Nick

    When I think of memorable sound the film Saving Private Ryan comes to mind. The sound of the machine gun bests and rifles spraying bullets down the beach at Normandy is something I will never forget.

  • rpurcell28

    I would have to say Avatar really is the best example of how sound can make a movie more realistic. They were able to make these otherworldly animals come to life with the sounds of their breathing, the noises that their bodies made in flight, or running on the ground..everything about this move is truly an experience for the senses.

  • Patricia

    playing alone in the dark! GREATNESS PERSONIFIED!!

  • Nicole

    I remember going to see Star Wars Revenge of The Sith in Theaters and the theater had some awesome sound, everything was crystal clear. I was really excited about the movie, sound in all. It was a great experience.

  • Ravi Tawney
    Ravi Tawney

    I am going to have to say "It's Tough To Be a Bug" from the Bug's Life movie in Disney's Animal Kingdom. This show they put on is truly wonderful, the surround sound makes you really feel like your underground with the bugs, as well as the special affects that come along with the show. The best experience I've ever had with surround sound to make a movie come to life is definitely "It's Tough To Be a Bug"

  • TJR

    Definitely Braveheart. The battle where the Scots are fired at with the arrows and you can hear people getting hit from different speakers. Then later when they are holding the line and the British are charging them with horses and you can hear the animals nostrals as they run. Not too many movies have that visceral feel to it.

  • popthis

    Days of Thunder at the Cine Capri in Phoenix. I think it was with the 70mm print. The sound was intense and almost overwhelming that it made you feel like you were in the pit or car. Amazing.

  • tony

    I was 13 years watching the first star wars movie in 1977. The very first scene was the view of a destroyer from underneath. it seemed to go on forever. And the surround sound shook my seat. I just looked at my friends and smiled. I knew that movies had changed forever.

  • unknown

    playing halo i gotta say i was an exciting experience . the sound was amazing.

  • Derek

    Seeing any movie in the theatre is worth it to me, if only for the sound quality. I'd love to recreate that at home.

  • ChrisC

    Star wars the phantom menace race scene... the surround is awesome in that scene and makes you feel like you're there.

  • conormac09

    In the movie The Conversation, Coppola's use of sound to create a tense atmosphere and deception was just incredible.

  • nyclee

    my most memorable experience was watching the lord of the rings. Absolute mesmorizing

  • Eric Paulsen
    Eric Paulsen

    answer the following question: What is your most memorable experience where great sound brought out the realism, excitement and emotion of a movie or a video game? When my friend had hooked up his Amiga 500 to his stereo receiver and cranked the sound up to 10. It was around 1984 and the sound of the explosions made my bones resonate. That was the first memory that popped into my head.

  • jenna

    My favorite would have to be I Am Legend. The beginning scence where Will Smith's character races his fancy car down the dead, empty roads of the future abandoned New York City, amazes me with the sourround sound effects within this scence. The sound and visual exceed most interests and leave a lasting effect on the viewer.

  • lovetroll

    Saving Private Ryan. I was immersed in the realism of war depicted now just via the cinematography, but the sounds of war, the explosions, the bullets whistling by. It was truly a masterful use of effects and score, and was well deserving of the awards it received.

  • Sean M. Shields
    Sean M. Shields

    I would say watching Blade Runner for the first time on Blu-Ray on my PS3 with Dolby surround on my brand new 52" Sony Bravia Engine, LCD TV. Memories are lost like tears in the rain..

  • Amos

    it would have to be TRANSFORMER... the sound actually made the movie better... though the sequel was a big dud!

  • Danielle

    I would say Avatar forsure! First 3d movie I've seen and it was spectacular. I loved the mystical music playing while the main character was discovering Pandora by himself at night. It was so beautiful.

  • patsjunky54

    I dont have home surround sound but the best movie ive heard in the theaters is Jarassic Park. I remember the sound the t rex made as it approched the two parked cars in front of its exhibit. the water rippling as you heard the foot stomp down...excellent! I would put 300 and LOTR in there as well but I still remember that Jarassic Park scene vividly from the sound. as for a game without surround sound, Batman Arkham Asylum's music and sound effects were very well done. The music has a very errie, ominous tone to it, making you weary and cautious around every corner. The Batarang has a distinct sound as it whizzes through the air a good game.. havent seen Avatar but it looks amazing!

  • Matthew Butch
    Matthew Butch

    Oh, gotta be Jurassic Park. Nothing like that thump.......thump........thurmp...... RAWR!

  • J. Erickson
    J. Erickson

    That would probably have to be The Lord of the Rings- the first one. I never really noticed the quality of sound until then.

  • Bobert

    Just about every battle scene in the Lord of the Rings trilogy movies.

  • Kay Vang
    Kay Vang

    Avatar. The scene where their tree is being destroyed and you can just see the sorrow and sadness in their face =(

  • Frank Lewis
    Frank Lewis

    Playing Condemned on X-Box 360. The whole game operated in an obscured vision environment where you can only really see where you're pointing your flashlight. Naturally, you start to use sounds to figure out where your enemies are. You get pretty freaked out hearing them scurrying around behind you.

  • ride287

    I know exactly when it was when I thought that sound made the movie. Largest screen we had at our local theatre. I was like 13 or 14 (this was before they cared about checking id). And I saw "The Matrix" with my friends. I had never seen anyting like it visually. But the scene when he walks into the building where Morpheus is being help with all the gun and the gun fight breaks out. I literally was jaw open and couldnt believe what I was experiencing. The sound of the guns going off along with their moves was mind blowing. To this day, (I am now 22) I still jack the sound up on the T.V. for that scene...Amazing!

  • cory

    The Matrix

  • Nate

    My most memorable sound experience would be watching the movie Minority Report. The scene where the spiderbots begin searching the apartment complex was so intense and suspenseful totally due to sound effects. The spiderbots tiny little legs scampering around, climbing the stairs, lifting the floor panels, zapping the water!! Very exciting and all because of sound!!

  • Molly Saccoman
    Molly Saccoman

    When I saw Poseidon in IMAX the amazing sound and acoustic quality of the theater made watching that movie so much better than when I saw it for the second time at a normal theater.

  • Dee

    I loved the surround sound in the movie 2012. You really felt the emotions of the characters when they were racing to save their lives.

  • MikeF

    Playing Rock Band on a true sound system... monitors, subs, bass, etc. Just fun all around.

  • Loc Vu
    Loc Vu

    Back in the day when Dolby surround sound was considered cutting edge. I watched the horror movie Candyman with my entertainment system. It was so cool to hear the voice of the ghost coming from behind. It was chilling.

  • Nate

    When I saw Fight Club in a movie theater.

  • Roger

    "Saving Private Ryan" is a fantastic demo disc for surround sound. The battle scenes are just so intense. "Heat" is another great one.

  • Papa Cavedweller
    Papa Cavedweller

    I was taking a dump one time and I nearly fell off the pot. we were watching Jurasic Park and my daughter cranker the surround sound system up. I'll never forget that T REX!!!

  • whatsupbrosef

    In Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park (1993), when the Tyrannosaurus rex attacks the two Velociraptors, incidentally saving the lives of Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler, and John Hammonds two grandchildren, the intense roar of the Tyrannosaurus rex brought chills to my skin. Hearing the roar of the prehistoric dinosaur, in conjunction with watching it tear apart the two lesser dinosaurs made me feel as if I just escaped death. I would never forget how the cinematography at the end of this film made me feel, ever.

  • Laurene W
    Laurene W

    Seeing Star Wars in the movie theatre for the first time....

  • Ally

    Most recently memorable -- Avatar's Neytiri's piercing cry for the death of her father and the destruction of Home Tree. Zoe Saldana's acting transcended 'performance-captured' animation. Her all out plea hit me hardest. She is he heart of the movie.

  • Kittencuffs

    The Lord of the Rings soundtrack, hands down! One of the most beautiful and powerful scores I've heard. It really emphasized the familiar yet otherworldly aspects of Middle Earth and the epic scope of the movie. :)

  • Isaac Bolger
    Isaac Bolger

    The sound in the movie "The Conversation." Great use of sound and great movie in general, one of Gene Hackman's best.

  • Benjamin Ross
    Benjamin Ross

    The whole video effects and audio mastery of Avatar made me really disappointed in real life nature. For the first time in my life, virtual reality was more alluring than anything I've seen in real life. The sounds of the animals in the forest, the flight scenes... it was an extreme sensory experience.

  • evilmonkey913

    the most memorable moment for me where the sound in a movie just immersed me was the beginning of top gun in Dolby surround sound...the pure sound of the jet engines was amazing... i felt like i was there....bllod pumping and ready for takeoff

  • Matt

    Playing COD4 in dolby 5.1 with grenades and rifle fire going off behind me tipping me off to where the enemy was

  • ohfennsiv

    In Final Fantasy II (or IV if you're nit-picky), the final boss battle against Zeromus included music that stirred great emotion in my young heart. That, coupled with the small speeches made by those wishing for my victory made me very emotional and caused me to fight even harder.

  • Frank

    The lobby scene in the Matrix. Surround sound is a must to appreciate the pure awesomeness.

  • rup

    The scene in Harry Potter and the half blood prince. during the entire movie there was this omnipresent eery sound which felt like a presence of lord voldemort was around every corner...

  • Ashley D.
    Ashley D.

    Watching "the kingdom" in surround sound was AWESOME! it was like you were in the movie!

  • Nerdfest

    The amazing voice acting any Baldur's Gate really brought the world alive.

  • sogiekhog

    The scene in Transformers 2 where they're at White Sands Mexico and there are explosions going off in every direction.

  • borealis

    It has to be Avatar. I was completely engrossed in this film. Just awesome! Thanks...

  • Timothy Hernandez
    Timothy Hernandez

    My most memorable sound experience at the cinema was seeing Jurassic Park for the first time.

  • witfi

    A truly breathtaking experience is the Ferrari website where you check out the new line of ferrari's and specifically the italia 485. You take a 3D tour of the car and once you reach the interior you can click the ignition and listen, more like experience, the sound and feel of the italia 485 which in my opinion is Ferrari's most beautiful car in their new lineup. With a GREAT sound system this is a life experience everyone should have. You crank up the bass pump up the volume as the display pops up and you nervously click start engine. Your blood pumps faster and faster, you can almost hear your heart beat but suddenly everything and everyone goes completely silent. The car is turning itself on and vroooooom. A truly riveting experience as they turn on the engine and beginning revving the car all the while your entire house is shaking and completely in awe of the quality and awesomeness of the sounds booming from your speakers.

  • Jeeva

    excited to see the Movie

  • circusclown

    Jurassic Park. The scene where we first hear the rumblings of the earth as the T-rex is approaching and see the ripples in the glass and the roar of the T-rex after he snatches the goat and starts to try and attack everyone in the vehicles. I don't care how old you are or how many times you've seen the film, especially with the right audio, that scene will make you jump out of your seat.

  • Keith Moylan
    Keith Moylan

    My first great experiance with good surround sound was after helping setting up my step-fathers new system we were watching a cartoon in DTS it was basically a test dvd that had DTS on it, it was Titan AE. Near the end of the movie, we ended up watching the whole thing, good movie, their is a scene were it is raining and since we lived in Florida my step-father thought it was actually raining outside and got up to close the windows until i told him that it was the movie. It was great to see him react to it and also to experiance a great surround system that would make someone think that it was actually raining outside.

  • Joy Gloria
    Joy Gloria

    So far, I have to say the most recent Kingkong with Jack Black and Naomi Watts. The surround sound made you feel like you're actually in the vicinity where this fight between the dinosaurs and kingkong was happening, and it was awesome. Surround sound is the best thing that was ever invented, you appreciate every movie, specially the action ones.

  • Ben Schwartzkopf
    Ben Schwartzkopf

    My favorite surround sound scene is still the opening battle on the beaches in Saving Private Ryan. The bullets whizzing by the mortars exploding made me feel as if I was there. I have the utmost respect for all military men and women. So this scene really drives home the craziness of war

  • JPalumbo

    While watching the Dark Knight IMAX. It was beyond real! The Dark Knight was what I always wanted in a Joker movie. The Epic scale with the IMAX cameras;tension in the score; paired with the tension between Batman and the Joker made for an amazing all around experience. For those who missed the IMAX showings, really missed out on a outstanding experience.

  • Wallace Beeson
    Wallace Beeson

    It had to be Uru, the Myst Sequel/Continuation. I was in awe of the graphics, and being an avid Myst fan, was totally into the storyline and the feeling of being in the game. And when the game ended and the Peter Gabriel song played, I was speechless and said to myself, this is as good as it gets.

  • Lesli

    The first movie where sound played a major part...I'd have to say Star Wars (yep, going back here!).

  • AshleyTheGuy

    The movie "300" was amazing in surround sound. Loved it.

  • augcomm9

    The coolest experience was my first and this going back about 10 years. My wife decided to buy me a basic surround sound system for our TV and new DVD player. We went together to check them out at the local specialty store and they showed us Airforce One in their private screening room. When the Jets zipped around our heads and I whipped my head around expecting them to be behind me was extremely cool! When we got home and installed it all and played the same movie, the gun shells falling all around our room was almost equal to that!

  • Ruze

    I'd say the '97 Special Edition of Star Wars in theaters was tops for me. After watching it on the TV throughout my childhood, hearing the sound on the theater's newly installed THX system was mindblowing.

  • Anum

    I think it was when I was watching a movie for the first time in IMAX theaters. It was crazy. My parents were holding their ears but us kids were grinning happily over the fact that it was so freaking loud. We loved it.

  • Jawn Cheek
    Jawn Cheek

    With the game "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2," the intense graphics and sounds you hear really suck you in and make the game that much more stressful, and awesome to play.

  • Ashley D.
    Ashley D.

    The first time I watched "the kingdom" on surround sound-was AMAZING. It felt like I was in the movie.

  • Jason A.
    Jason A.

    Resident Evil 4 with Dolby headphones, baby. Scared the living crap out of me. So much fun!

  • tnmke

    I'd have to say Star Wars, episode IV, opening sequence. Saw it over 30 years ago when I was 6. I had never seen or heard anything like that before.

  • Allen

    One time when I was watching Cloverfield the sound was so strong and dynamic that I felt like the coffee table was going to fly at me. I was pretty much at the edge of my seat because of the realism with the audio.

  • mrjcjenkins

    It has to be playing BioShock in a dark room late at night. The sound coming in over the surround sound and the amazing graphics. Things jumping out at you from all sides. That amazing soundtrack of 30's and 40's music was great as well.

  • Xega

    Me being heavy into music and art my best sound related experience has to be when I watched Hayao Miyazaki's animated films Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. Such great animation relies on great sound. If you haven't seen them, go watch them.

  • Puddin' Taine
    Puddin' Taine

    The remastered sound in the old Star Wars trilogy :)

  • styles80

    I used to work for a distribution department at a studio and my job would require me to watch new release movies once or twice a week for sound checks. I truly did not think anything of it and didn’t quite fully understand my purpose there. After all, I wasn’t a technician/sound editor by any means. The first movie that I had to do a sound check for was Tenacious D with Jack Black. I’m thinking, “This is a heavy-metal themed movie with guitars, head banging, mosh pits, and an unappealing plot.” I walked in to my sound booth( each room played different sound formats) and sat back waiting for the movie to play. From the moment the movie started, I was in awe of the quality of sound. It was very loud, crisp, and clear. It wasn’t the movie that kept me interested, it was the impact of the sound that kept me mesmerized. I was immersed in the movie and the music coming from it. Even though this wasn’t my listening genre, I enjoyed it so much that I ended up buying the DVD. This just proves that sound makes a huge difference from an audience perspective. A good sounding movie makes an audience feel like they’re not just WATCHING the movie but actually a part of the whole movie experience!

  • Nate

    Jurassic Park, the first time I saw the T-Rex give his earth-shaking roar.

  • Rodrigo Urbano
    Rodrigo Urbano

    I dont´t know if it counts, but I have to say that U23D has been the most unbelievable experience regarding sound. You could actually feel inside the pit in the middle of the arena. Unlike 5.1 surround DVD´s in movies and concerts, where the dialogue or voice comes through the front speakers and the rear speakers are use for sound effects (in movies) and echo or audience (in music), But U23D sound actually made you feel exactly where the camera was at any given time. If it was in the stage you felt in the stage, if it was it the pit you felt in the pit and so on. In terms of movies, My unique experience has to be Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter The Half Blood Prince, The Dark Knight, Wall-E.

  • Dinosaur

    Watching Saving Private Ryan on BluRay, the D-day landings. Every bullet whizzing by, killing soldiers, chinq'ing off helmets and driving into the sad. It was like I was there, emotion swept over me and I wished I wasn't there anymore. Ahh-mazing

  • Chris

    Saving Private Ryan, specifically the beginning beach scene when all the bullets are flying by. The dipping in and out of water to the screams. The entire movie is just a masterpiece in audio.

  • Iqrah

    When I went to see X-MEN Origins: Wolverine. the sound was amzing & made the movie much more better. you almost felt like you were in the film, especially if you saw it in IMAX. i really love great sound systems because they bring out the realism & emotion to a great film.

  • Brandon Bidlack
    Brandon Bidlack

    LOTR -- the combination of expansive cinematography and amazing surround sound in the theater resulted in an experience I won't ever forget

  • Annie Q
    Annie Q

    I would have to say in 300 when they are undergoing the massive end battle is the first time I really felt that I was there with the sound enhancing every movement.

  • Ko_Nayne

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Watching Optimus Prime drive out of the plane, transform, open his parachutes, transform back, then drive onto the freeway. So freaking awesome!

  • mary

    I guess the first time that amazing sound really changed my experience in movie watching was when my parents got the dolby surround sound with built in speakers all over the room. I felt like I was a part of the movies we were watching.

  • Noah

    Playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with surround sound. Gets crazy!

  • Alif

    I would have to say the whole street scene in "Dark Knight" when batman is on the bat-cycle crashing through the glass doors. The sound was just incredible and really added to the realism of the scene. It was really exciting.

  • yuumeitenshi1

    What is your most memorable experience where great sound brought out the realism, excitement and emotion of a movie or a video game? The most memorable experience that I had in which the quality of sound was at its' zenith that inspired realism, excitement and emotions would be when I first saw The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in which the scene that left its' would have to be the scene in which Frodo has the internal struggle within himself at the edge of the cliff at the base of Mt. Doom as to whether or not he should either keep the ring or drop it in the lava.

  • Jonathan

    Watching avatar to say the truth. i actually felt like i was in pandora's rainforest

  • ElmarTy

    2 week ago at cinema looking at 2012 - great effects both sound and pic.

  • mike

    District 9, when the ship started up after all those years and it sent out a sound that shattered all the glass.

  • Hardinhoff

    The first time I played COD 4. The sound system I was playing it with made me honestly feel like I was in the game and got me more into it.

  • pangulo

    Hands down. Jurassic Park. When T-Rex was chasing that car..

  • K

    I still have nightmares of falling blocks to the music of Tetris.

  • Iranovy

    AVATAR I watched in the movie teather and the scene that I love visually is when they are in the memory tree praying the ilumination of the whole forest when they walk at night, was magic. I love the message, the images, the graphics, the colors, sound for the animals, the bombs you think that was real ... Well donde James Cameron

  • ztlfire

    The only scene that holds great power and weight to my mind is: When Netiri was forced to save Jake sully in their first encounter. Her lines struck me in that scene esspeically when she said ' you do not thank for this, this is SAD.' and his eyes suddenly open to her whole world in mere moments as they head to the log where she attempts to discourage him from following her further. While the movie itself was powerful and full of beauty as well as many messages left for interpretation. The first encounter of the eventual lovers was the one that I adored.

  • Choy

    The best experience i ever had was when i setup my first home theater system (with my own money)..a humble Philips systems in my tiny room in a new york city shared apartment with surround sound in the room and watching braveheart ...especially when mel gibson delivers his speech...It was the most memorable and satisfying experiences..I dont have any experiences about fancy systems since i obviously couldnt afford one but it was amazing for that small space..

  • Eve Mendoza
    Eve Mendoza

    Watching Avatar at the midnight show of opening night. The sound was so perfect because it highlighted the action. It wasn't overbearing where it took away from what was going on on the screen but it complimented it. Also, a family friend has this great surround sound system that costs about $100, 000. It's always great to watch movies there because it feels like you are part of the movie. I could watch any movie there and it feels like a new experience even if I had already watched the movie before. I'm always so jealous of their surround sound!!!

  • Thatcher

    The music accompanying the end of the Helms Deep battle in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers gives me chills every time I watch it. When the music crescendoes and crescendoes with the Rohan theme as Aragorn and the remaining soldiers ride out, followed by Gandalf and Eomer's charge down the mountain and the burst of music as the sun blinds the Uruk-hai, are all examples of movie sound gold.

  • Puerkz

    playing exmortis online with the light off and full volume.

  • Amy Roberts
    Amy Roberts

    Playing Eternal Darkness on the Gamecube. When you'd hear phantom noises or some crazy stuff would start to go down, having great sound made all the freak-me-out difference.

  • vinyfiny

    I will never forget the first time I played Doom 3 on PC. In one word, EPIC. I had just built a new gaming rig with a Nvidia 6800GT and Athlon 64 3500+. I also had just bought a Logitech Z-680 surround sound speaker set which I am still using to this day (I'm actually watching a movie using the same speakers as I'm writing this!). I remember being able to distinctly hear directional in game creaks and cracks, and having the 5.1 going saved my in-game but more than a few times by being able to position enemies before they jumped me from behind. I was scared to death the whole game, and It was awesome.

  • jbeanie87

    The best surround sound experience was when I saw Lord of the Rings: return of the king, specifically the scene where they confront the black gate and in Avatar, which officially became my favorite movie last week, I have never experienced anything so visually and audibly stunning and epic in a movie or anywhere else before, truly it was amazing

  • aerosmanders

    For was when Jake was dying at the end and Neytiri jumped into the trailer and put the mask on his face to breathe. When he wakes up and caresses her face and she was holding him. You could just feel the pure emotion of love between the two of them. The music just heightened that sensation. That was the most memorable and truly moving part for me.

  • m. m. kamal
    m. m. kamal

    i wanna win this!!! the movie was amazing!!

  • m. m. kamal
    m. m. kamal

    i wanna win this!!! the movie was amazing!!

  • Feydaway

    For me, gotta be the first Resident Evil...whenever I heard somethin' sliding down the hall or around the corner, or something break. Dang! Started the horror game revolution.

  • Aly R.
    Aly R.

    I'm gonna sound cliched, but I seriously got immersed in Final Fantasy VII for the ps1. Up until then, in my mind, game music generally speaking) was used as just mere background, but not to really progress the story along. I think that with FF7 - the music highlighted the epic storyline, and like a good movie, it perfectly captured all the moments. We can all remember when we hear the music again the exact point in the story, and it's the music that hits our memories of playing the game.

  • Dana

    Well, there is no doubt the question is hard, but I must say that my first and most amazing experience was in the movie Gladiator! the scene in the end, when Maximus killed Commodus but was also hurt himself, and the music in the background was "now we are free". This amazing and touching song, with the sight of Maximus falling down to death, when his only wish- to see his family again and to be with them becoming real, but in the most cruel and sad way- his death. when you hear Lisa Gerrard amazing voice, and you see the sad face of Lucilla and her son Lucius with the quiet of all the people in the stadium, i found myself crying over this amazing story, that all he wants is to be free. the sad ending with the powerful and strong song that says we should all be free in our life, make me feel like i can do something to be free myself, like i was captive by a fake reality, and for once i want to feel like Maximus felt when he knew it wad his last moments. Thank you for the opportunity and the support you give to great films like avatar! BTW sorry for my poor English.

  • Bret

    The best experience i have ever had while whatching a movie with great sound was when I took my son to see Star wars ! He loved the older ones but when i took him to see Return of the Sith, and he watched and experienced the dolby sound for the first time, he was in awe!!! Watching him experience all that and take it all in was Wonderful, for i know he will never forget the first time he head and saw a movie that is presented to make all your sences come alive!! I can still se his face so clearly and remember him looking around the theater to find where the sounds were coming from! The happiness he expressed made a great moment for me as a dad and him as my son to share the rest of our lives!! That day we experienced what sound and video combined in the best ways possible can do! Bring an experince for us to treasure!! Who ever developed all of it and incorperated all the things that make a movie that wonderful for a father and son to experience! I thank you and I know my son does as well! You brought magic to his life that day!! Thank you!!

  • transcendentlies

    it definitely has to be when i play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. it really gets you into the game, and all of your nerves are on end because you feel sucked in to the game. you're not a player, sitting on your bean bag chair, but you're a special ops soldier kicking ass for your country. incredible feeling,

  • Robin

    Half Life 2 was the most amazing experience. Sound and story design worked so well together, and it made me feel I was part of the world

  • becca

    I really liked Terminator 2. It was the first time that I was in a theater and "experienced" the film. Sound coming from behind me , all around me. I truly felt part of the story and that I was really there. It might not the best, but it was the first time and therefore the most memorable. :) Plus, it's an awesome movie.

  • lordroy

    Probably when the Star Wars extended remastered DVDs came out I watched them at a friends house and was very impressed to say the least.

  • emily

    Every second of Avatar had amazing sound. Having that, plus the stunning visuals, made it the perfect movie!

  • SaMooRai

    The movie Cloverfield where the sound of the bridges wires breaking added the excitement and intensity of that scene as the sound was very realistic

  • jeanette

    it's a tough one, i remember going to the cimema and watching saving private ryan. not only was it a great movie but the sound was amazing. something as samll as rain felt so real.

  • Jonathan

    My most memorable moment in a movie was Jurassic Park 1 during the rain storm when T-Rex first appears. The sound was amazing, the sound ripples in the puddle of water and of course the surround sound of the T-Rex was off the hook!

  • laloka582

    The Gladiator demonstrates perfect sound resolution. The sound should be all over the room without any direction and should give you the feeling of touching the hairs of the growing crops plus the fantastic sound track.It makes you feel like your inside the movie fighting it gives you a very different feeling. A feeling of excitement.

  • fate

    Watching half baked at my friends house. She had a sound system and we were watching the dvd with a bunch of friends. The part where Thurgood whispers "Marijuana affects the memory." It really sounded like Dave Chappelle's character was right there. No I wasn't on any drugs. That was the first time I realized how a great sound system can enhance your movie watching experience and the movie doesn't necesarily have to be an action movie.

  • John Schrock
    John Schrock

    lets see it would have to be Days of Thunder back in the day when you could hear the cars to there fullest and make it seem like your right there at the race. and for viseo games would have to be Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 being able to hear the foot steps of some one else comeing up behind you make it very imersive

  • Shredder

    Saving Private Ryan certainly made you feel as though you were in the scene. If you take away the surround sound of the movie it would not have had the same impact.

  • Chloe

    When I watched Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. I got chills listening to the music when Gandalf came with reinforcements during the battle of Helm's Deep. It was a glorious, well-done moment.

  • photogirl80

    As clichè as this sounds, Matrix. All three of them. All the action sequences, car cashes/chases, slow motion w/ 360° rotation (sounds following the movement of the turn), The sounds of the Sentinels; lasers, mechanical movement, the hard grittiness of metal against metal. The multiple guns used, along with various gun shots, and ringing of the casing as they hit the floor/concrete. All the comments are good, but I think the Matrix has so many different elements throughout the Trilogy, that surround sound is a must with these movies.

  • Siao Jer
    Siao Jer

    I have to say when I played FIFA 04 in a surround sound sounded like I was in the middle of the field with a million fans around me

  • Christian

    I would have to say all time best movie is BATMAN BEGINS.

  • Siao Jer
    Siao Jer

    way cool!

  • Myself

    The most memorable moment with surround sound was with the film "300". Man did you feel the impact of the fight scenes and vibration of the elephants when they were walking. Now, that was with a $100 dollar surround system, imagine now if I can win this prize package, I might just "Jizz in my pants".

  • Chad Michael Waite
    Chad Michael Waite

    It was the first day of grade seven and i really liked this new girl in my class.I was pondering all day how i was gonna get the courage to ask her if she wanted to go on a date. Then it hit me my dad had just bought a new surround sound home theater system, what type of broad doesn't get wet to stuff like that. So i finally mustered up the courage and asked her, She said yes! So i took her home threw in star wars: Return of The Jedi and once that THX logo came blaring on we both creamed are pants it was so realistic and awesome. Although once the action scenes came on i felt the need to power bomb the broad threw a table It was just so realistic it got me friggin pumped. She broke her face i got grounded, but that day my love of surround sound was created and no dumb broad will ever take that away from me.

  • mlaps1979

    First time I saw a movie with great surround sound was Starship Troopers. When you could hear the bugs running up behind you before they appeared on screen.

  • sneelok

    The guttural roar of the tyrannosaurus in Jurassic Park evoked such a basic instinctive fear. It was loud and deep enough to feel the vibrations in your chest. Great movie experience.

  • kenmills

    I think my favorite audio moment is with 99's The Matrix. I loved the sound of bullets travelling through the air in slo-mo, the sounds of people fighting hand-to-hand and the awesome soundtrack. A lot of what made watching The Matrix such a great experience for me (and millions of others) is that collection of sounds.

  • impishkittie

    Easy - Saving Private Ryan.

  • Heather

    Hands down it is the the pod race sequence in Star Wars Episode 1.

  • Connie Lee
    Connie Lee

    The scene in Star Trek, where the Enterprise warps into Vulcan space, and a full on battle is already happening and everyone has gone from total silence to scrambling for their lives. That gave me goosebumps, and it's been the kind of scene that no one has been able to replicate in the previous Star Trek series/movies even though it's totally realistic.

  • Seth

    I remember watching Top Gunn and hearing the sounds of the Jets fly over and around coupled with the music made the movie 10 times more enjoyable than the with regular sounds. Playing video games has always been a hobbie of mine, but with the latest technology, playing military games or any action game, enhances the play immensely. It intensifies it so much it make you feel like you are there at times..

  • joe

    It doesn't take much for me to experience great realism and put into the moment, all I have to do is crank up the sound on my tv but if it wasn't for that i'd probably say by going from a theatric setting itself, it would be from the sci-fi "Sunshine" at least as of late.

  • superfival

    Halo 3, Last stage. Best game music in recent memory.

  • JJ_Spaceman

    I, too, would have to choose the recently-seen Avatar. The surround sound complemented the 3D visuals immensely, giving a completely immersive 3D experiences, aurally and visually.

  • Anubis09

    Jurassic Park. Nothing like it had ever been done before, Dinosaurs were real again. You get your first glimpse of them while they make their way to the visitors center. However, it is only when the tour goes wrong and the T-Rex lets out his first roar that the realism sets in. Instantly you became filled with awe and fear at the same time. Without the sound it could have been a kitten meowing on the screen because there wouldn't have been those feelings.

  • smsprite

    Movie - There's a tie between Breakable when Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price falls down the stairs and and Heavenly Creatures when Kate Winslet as Juliet and Melanie Lynskey as Pauline bludgeon Pauline's mother to death with a rock as they are on a hike headed for a nice picnic. The sound was so amazing for both scenes, that even if you closed your eyes to the horror in front of you, the sound made the images in your mind a thousand times worse than what they actually showed on screen. Video Game - SSX Tricky! Mostly I just love the game, but with surround sound it is SOOOOO much better. Now with the Winter Olympics coming up, you can bet that I will be logging in serious time in my SSX Tricky world.

  • emmdubbs

    I'd have to say watching Star Wars. Being able to hear Tie-Fighters flying all around you, really made you feel as if you immersed in space.

  • michelle___marie

    The most memorable moment I hold about the indulgence of sound takes me back to sitting at a friends house, in his room with a super high ceiling and surround sound throughout the entirety of the room, six of us taking turns with the rockband. It was so funny to hear how ridiculous we all sang, yet with the guitar jammin, the drums rockin, and the bass player in full blast, no voice could ruin the fun for us! Remembering the echo and the mixture of noise and sound plus an amazing time gives me hope thati can have my own rockband with my new ps3 ( i hope)!!

  • Brian

    Saving Private Ryan - Storming of Normandy Beach scene was absolutely horrific but the amazing sound quality made for a realistic and almost unbearable scene! Sound has come along way in movies.

  • Blake Kuehn
    Blake Kuehn

    I remember seeing Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom in the theater and being the first movie I saw in THX Surround Sound when I was a kid. It completely changed the way I experienced and listened to movies.

  • wonderhauer

    I tried a demo of F.E.A.R. 2 and I basically sh*t my pants when I turned on the surround sound. Memorable indeed.

  • Michael Morabe
    Michael Morabe

    Both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1/2. Both have the realism with sounds (I use my external system or my MOB Turtle Beach 5.1 headphones). The story brings you into the wars and just the endings alone are so epic, you can't help but feel like you just did something that saved lives. You become the hero!

  • Rob Heath
    Rob Heath

    Dead Space had the best sound design in any game, EVER! I was honestly too freaked out at some points in the game and thought about turning it off due to the creepy noises coming in from all around me.

  • boredatwork

    I was not affected by scary movies until I saw The Ring (2002). The realism and visual techniques, powerful as they were, would not have been as convincing if it wasn't for the sound effects (which I believe included high pitch panic triggers among other things).

  • thepolemarch

    Easy, Saving Private Ryan in the theater.

  • trojanlimit

    seeing avatar in 3d really allowed me to feel like i was part of the action. the visual effects complimented the amazing sound work done on the movie

  • steeb2er

    Not trying to kiss ass ... but I remember watching the Oscars when I was a kid and during the "Best Sound Effects Editing" award, they showed a clip of Terminator 2 without sound and again with sound. It was the scene where the T800 saves John Connor in the reservoirs while T1000 pursues in a semi truck. I was 11 and vividly remember being shocked at how critical and communicative the sound effects were. The scene without sound was horrid, but with sound, it came to life.

  • Brett M
    Brett M

    I think going to see one of the new Star Wars movies a few years back. That was the first time i felt immersed in sound!

  • Devon P
    Devon P

    First time I saw Transformers in Blu-ray and surround sound, I was blown away!

  • Rob Heath
    Rob Heath

    Dead Space had the best sound design in any game, EVER! I was honestly too freaked out at some points in the game and thought about turning it off due to the creepy noises coming in from all around me.

  • jerome

    I remember the first time I watched Pink Floyd's The Wall on dvd. The sound was amazing! It sounded better than any version (vinyl, cd) that I had ever heard! Completely enhances the experience.

  • pisapisa

    The most memorable for me had to be Matrix: Revolutions... The scenes with the sentinels attacking Zion, almost gave me shell shock. I was dodging bullets for a week!

  • Mandi

    Of course it has to be when you're in a movie theatre and have an enormous image to back up some epic sound. So my choice would have to be when I went to see Star Trek in the theatre this year. When it's that loud and surrounds you, the sound of an explosion puts you into the scene and it becomes more than a movie -- it becomes your reality for two hours.

  • LamTran55

    Watching an IMAX movie, the under sea one at the Tenn. Aquarium.

  • Robert

    The amazing realism of a flurry of bullets flying -- piercing the silence -- as you snuck up on enemies in Ghost Recon and fired away.

  • grunt422

    COD:Modern Warfare 2 This game's surround sounds let you here where the enemy is coming from before seeing them on the map. It's amazing.

  • jonsyrt

    Any video game with properly rendered surround audio and a sniper rifle. Being able to hear footsteps coming up behind you while you are holding your breath and preparing for a shot was electrifying.

  • honeypie411

    I remember seeing Jurassic Park in dolby, and the sound effects just made the movie for me, with the giant thumping sounds of dinosaurs walking around!

  • Andrew

    Playing the Medal of Honor's Omaha Beach level and hearing every bullet tearing by and feeling the shock of every shell hitting got me a little choked up thinking that people actually did this in real life.

  • Cesar

    Jurassic Park. Not only did seeing "live" dinosaurs on screen amaze me, but the sound immersed me even more, to the point where I thought that what I was seeing/hearing on screen could be a possibility some day.

  • Andrew Marsh
    Andrew Marsh

    I would have to say that watching dark knight for the first time in blu ray on my new tv would have to be the first time sound really hit me.

  • hordfactor

    My most memorable audio/visual experience with a video game was undoubtedly Super Metroid back in early 1996. This was nearly 14 years ago, and I was only 14 years old, but I can vividly remember the afternoon I went over to my friend Richie Bowen's house and a few of us gathered in his brother's room around the television and Super NES. We pulled the shades, turned down the lights, and hooked up his brother's TV to the 3-foot floor speakers he'd just gotten for his stereo/receiver. The dark, tense, and eerie gameplay was really enhanced by the awesome picture and loud, pitch-perfect sound, and we sat around for hours and hours as we started that next, thrilling chapter in the Metroid saga. While Super Metroid was (and is!) clearly a great game in its own right, I am convinced that the experience -- particularly with a game/story of that type -- was only made complete thanks to the true audio/visual "immersion" experience we created. I wish I could play ALL my video games in an environment like that!

  • Brian

    Has to be watching Antonio Banderas and his guitar case full of guns in Desperado. The sound in that movie is incredible when listened to with a 5.1 system. Would be great to have a system like that of my own!

  • alishee212

    I know most people are saying movies that were explosive with action, but honestly one of the movies that hit me hard because of the sound going so well with the emotion was Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. In the beginning when Beck's "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" plays, and Jim Carrey was crying his eyes out, I completely immersed myself in his feelings and the realism of his breakup. And when they said goodbye in the house when he was erasing her and she whispers, "Meet me in Montague," I felt her whispering as though it were in my own ear. That may be lame, but the music and sound of that movie really affected me. Mostly because I'm a girl.

  • legomojo

    Though DoIby surround sound has pretty much been there in all of my great movie experiences, I would say the one that is coming to mind is watching Pan's Labyrinth. The sound of the dragon fly all round me brought me in to the movie, and never let me go until the credits rolled.

  • Chris

    What comes to mind is Saving Private Ryan and the D-Day landing. The sound in that scene alone made you feel like you were in the battle with bomb blasts rattling your bones.

  • jackietreehorn

    I would have to say when I first watched Black Hawk down on DVD. It was almost a surreal experience, hearing the bullets and voices all around you, coming and going from every direction. It wasn't even just the action scenes, it was all the time, tiny little nuanced sounds from all over that really pulled you in and made you feel like you were there. Everything from the drop in from the helicopters to the two rangers holding off the angry mob to the firefight in the dark was absolutely fantastic.

  • Jacob Santos
    Jacob Santos

    For sound effects, 300 sound phenomenal at my local IMAX theater, most of the star wars films also had great sound effects and channel separation no matter where you watch them. My all time favorite and most memorable soundtracks/overtures would be from Requiem for a Dream and The Fountain. Clint Mansell's work on those two films really amplified the emotions of just about every scene in both. The movies would have suffered severely had he not been used. Work has prevented me from checking out Avatar so far, but I hear great things about it's sound and IMAX is the only way to watch it.

  • Tim Wascoe
    Tim Wascoe

    Probably playing the first Gears of War. That game completely took me in.

  • dsmit22

    The scene is from Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Pippin is in the service of the steward of Gondor and is forced to sing while the steward eats. The sound of his singing is juxtaposed with the brutal sounds of the hooves of the horses as the army rides into its doom and the wasteful sounds of the steward eating. It creates a wonderful tapestry of emotions in the viewer and gets the feeling of madness, wastefulness, and honor through to the audience better than mere images could.

  • Christine

    I am old. Let's get that out there right now. I remember watching Rocky and thinking, wow, those punches sound like sledgehammers. I thought that's how all boxing matches are...then I saw a real one on TV and thought it was quite boring.

  • B W
    B W

    Playing Fifa, after you string together a couple of passes and score a goal in a big game, the crowd erupts, the team goes crazy. With the right sound system, you feel like your in the stadium.

  • tomsfat

    Band of Brothers Episode 3 Carentan, when Captain Winters is talking Private Blyth through his fear. Winters is standing above Blyth who is in a fox hole while bullets are flying by clipping trees and explosions are going off, there is the moment when the sound lowers and all you can hear is Blyth breathing and he stands and you see the change on his face, and he fires his gun. The last round he fires you see and hear the casing flipping out of his gun which to me was just an amazing scene where the sound just made it all the more real.

  • bman5780

    I'd seen Gladiator a few times, but never in surround sound. One day I was staying at my cousin's house and no one was home, so I decided to watch Gladiator on DVD and crank up the surround sound. When Maximus throws his sword into "medieval luxury box" (right before yelling "are you not entertained?!") I ducked down in my chair because it sounded like something was being thrown at me from behind.

  • Jayar Campbell
    Jayar Campbell

    I have to agree with some of the others here. Whenever I throw in my LOTR DVD's I have to crank the Stereo. it always reminds me of the first time watching them in the theaters. Having been such a huge fan of the books, this trilogy was my ultimate theater going experince. Seeing and hearing them brought to life so vividly was a truly exciting moment for me.

  • Erica

    You know the screechy, hoarse noise the Nazgûl leader's horse makes at the beginning of Fellowship of the Ring? This was after a long and patient build-up of the idyllic shire, and all other sounds just go mute the second before the sound. Totally ruined me. Brilliant work of contrast.

  • Zach

    Any of the Indiana Jones movies. The surround sound makes me cringe with pleasure. I am also in love with the sound from Kung-fu Hustle.

  • Bryan Moorhead
    Bryan Moorhead

    My first experience was with watching Braveheart. I just remember the deep bass rumbling through my home on a newly installed home theater system

  • Rachel Davis
    Rachel Davis

    Mine would have to be in Requiem for a Dream whenever they played the song "Lux Aeterna". The staccato (short) sound of the notes made it seem more exciting, and whenever the song played you were filled with a sense of dread because you knew awful things were about to happen. The use of that song was AMAZING.

  • DC

    Watching Saving Private Ryan with my buddy's surround sound system. It was amazing, like being in the middle of the battle, plus the music hit harder and set the mood 10x better than on my 19inch tv.

  • cbake

    Jurassic Park. The first movie that really opened my ears to how important a sound system is to the movie-going experience.

  • joner325

    I would have to say a movie I wasn't too enthused about-- Apocalypto. My wife had no interest in watching it with me, so I watched it on my laptop with headphones, and it blew me away! The sound was amazing and totally immersed me in the story.

  • Hai

    I was at the Fox Theatre in Westwood watching Batman Begins during opening night. I remember the sound system was cranked up higher than usual and the screen at the Fox theatre is larger than most average movie theatre. The room vibrated, and every sound heard was felt in your chest and stomach. I felt like I was apart of the movie! I then watched The Dark Knight in IMAX at the Howard Hughes and it was equally amazing if not more. The opening scene to the movie with the gunshots and explosions was unbelievable. I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I was so anxious and nervous. So, I need to come as close as I can at home when I watch my movies. So far, I still have an old fashion 5 disc dvd changer with a missing remote (I can't control the subwoof because of this) and its not the same. It's actually kind of lame.

  • hue

    saw the trailer for the game in hd on demand and it looks decent. probably look better on a brand new ps3 though!

  • ken1024

    DIE HARD - the original one. When John McClane is in Nakatomi Plaza, soon after Hans Gruber realizes there's a wrinkle (McClane) in his plan. Hans and Karl are in a gunfight with McClane and Hans tells Karl to "Shoot the Glass"... Full-blown machine gun madness that ROCKS the house.

  • theartist

    In the beginning of Gladiator where the arrows are being shot up into the air and when they come down, they come at you from different directions from behind you, That and the wonderful intro of the helicopter scene in the intro of Apocalypse Now!

  • Brian Froud
    Brian Froud

    One of the first PS3 games I ever got was Dead Space. It has such an awesome score and ambience. The surround sound really filled my room and elevated the creepiness of the game. It also scared the DualShock right out of my hands.

  • billsboy99

    The opening scene of Top Gun is amazing with the proper surround sound. You feel as if you are on the deck of a carrier and planes are taking off all around you. The adrenaline rush that accompanies your pounding heart makes you want be sitting behind maverick as he tries to land cougar. The end of the movie is a close second, as the explosions of the planes from "the other side" shake the room.

  • Jen

    The opening scene of Gladiator...I wasn't that old when I first saw it but I remembered it because of the action coordinated with the great music and the fighting and the sounds of the was incredible. I love that movie

  • Andrew Kerstetter
    Andrew Kerstetter

    It was Resident Evil 2 for PLaystation. The music wasn't epic or meticulous or even difficult. However, the droning and almost lazy ambient music in the background seemed to lull you into a sense of anxious complacency. But, as soon as it was time to remind me that I was fighting for my life in this game, the music would masterfully crescendo and as I jumped out of my seat in an eruption of anxiety, it was then that I realized just how immersed I was in this game and just how big of a role the score played.

  • Bill

    it was when I saw the Dark Knight on blu-ray. i have a 63 inch 1080p TV and it wasnt until I saw that movie that i had really experienced my almost 2 year old tv. it was a vastly different viewing experience. it was the first blu-ray i bought and it is ALL i buy now. Amazing experience!

  • pbarkley

    Watching "Black Hawk Down" and *feeling* how the soldiers must have felt during that very intense battlefield.

  • nigelicusx

    Akira blu ray: 192khz, 24 bit "hypersonic"=the highest quality sound available on any blu ray at the moment. Everything sounds crystal clear, the depth and separation in the surround image is superb. Even the footsteps sound good. Kaneda's theme towards the beginning of the film with the pan of Neo-Tokyo really stands out as a moment where great audio really helps to bring home the emotion of the shot. Highly recommended!

  • makingchange

    For me as a kid seeing Empire Strikes back at the Cineramadome in Los Angeles was probably the best experience for sound I've ever had. Now, the technology wasn't at it's peak - but for 7 year old kid - I was blown away by the sound of light sabers and space ships.

  • lost4now

    I would have to say the first Silent Hill. It had you thinking and feeling that you were not alone....

  • Chris Reinhard
    Chris Reinhard

    The first time I watched The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray was when I first realized the potential for sound to completely revolutionize a film experience. Not only does it amplify the visuals, but it represents a feeling that can't be expressed simply by a picture. I rarely go to movie theaters anymore because I know that my home viewing experience - because of the sound, especially - is more epic and rewarding than the one I can get sitting in a big room craning my neck.

  • Chris O
    Chris O

    When I went to see the Dark Knight in IMAX the scope of the sound from a true DOLBY system just literally brought me to tears when Comissioner Gordon was reciting the ending monolouge.

  • brawlerstatus

    The first time I heard Gandalf fighting Ringwraiths in the dark land of Mordor I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaat is this?

  • Aaron

    Nothing beats hearing that victory theme after a tough battle in FFVII

  • Shane Dillon
    Shane Dillon

    I went to the IMAX theater here in Seattle and saw Avatar in 3D. The visuals and sound just blew me away. The last time I left a theater feeling like this was when I first saw Jurrassic Park when it first came out. Without doubt this new medium (3D Stereoscopic) brings a whole new experience that actually is worth the ticket price and the ridiculously high price or the concessions!

  • sharhart

    Just last week. I recently got a PS3 for my birthday and we hooked it up to the surround system we also recently purchased. It was our first Blue ray movie night and we rented Transformers 2. Right from the start we were mesmerized by the sound travelling around the room just during the opening screen shots before the movie even started. We ended up waking the kids up who were sleeping on the second floor and we were in the basement!

  • Mystic5523

    It would definitely have to be when my best friend in high school's parents bought a new big screen, dvd, and audio package and the newly released Matrix dvd. First time experiencing surround sound at home.

  • Whitney

    Playing Call of Duty 4 in my friends dorm. They had surround sound speakers set up and occasionally we would think a car alarm, or the fire alarms were going off outside because of the noises from the game. Once we all piled out of the room thinking the building was on fire just to discover it was the game.

  • Richard Wilson
    Richard Wilson

    This is an older game but, Silent Hill (the first one)... playing in pitch dark with surround sound... What was that noise? Was that behind me? Was that in the game or... The music set the perfect mood as well.

  • mrdvant

    I was always a huge Star Wars fan. My most impressive and memorable experience was watching Episode III when it came out. When Darth Vader took his first breath in his new helmet, the sound system in the theater made it sound so real and it brought back my youth, watching episodes 4-6. I shivered and my eyes teared up a little. It was amazing.

  • Scott

    We went to a theater with Dolby sound (probably outdated by now) back when they re-released the old Star Wars movies and it defintely brought you right into the movie.

  • Michael

    Easily Full Surround Sound Watching Independence Day Utterly AMAZING It Made That Movie By Far One Of the Greatest Movies Ever,The Movie It Self Is Great But Once You Add In The Dolby Its Hard To Put Into Words, If You Havnt Seen It Like This It Is an Absolute MUST

  • doctoraweosme

    My favorite surround sound scene is still the opening battle on the beaches in Saving Private Ryan. I had a Sony Dream System at the time and it felt like I had bullets whizzing through my living room and bombs dropping all around me. It even felt like it was raining in the house when they were pulling up to the beach and all you could hear was rain. I've yet to hear a better use of front, center & surround speakers to make me feel like I was actually in the action.

  • CCJ

    Avatar reminded me of what Sound in a movie could be. Just like the first time I saw Star Wars with the fighters moving around you from the left and right it immersed you in the film!

  • btmerr

    I'm going to go with the Lord of the Rings Trilogy in a movie theater with THX

  • brian haulter
    brian haulter

    not a movie or game, but the Flaming Lips 5.1 surround sound mixes will blow one's mind out of their face.

  • J-Mac

    basically any battle scene in Dragon Age Origins! It has such an epic feel and the music makes you feel like you are in the middle of a Lord of the Rings style battle!

  • celeste sanchez
    celeste sanchez

    I can remember the time I saw Jurrassic Park as a little girl. It changed everything. The sound brought such a realism that I literally jumped out of my seat. The sound from the dinosaurs, especially the T-Rex, made me feel like I was in the movie. It brought exitement, fear and amazement. It was my 1st time watching a movie at Universal Citywalk, and it made me realize what a difference sound could make to the experience of watching a movie. This is a true story.

  • Lindilia

    i've just come from the doctors'. they have informed me that the only way for me to live is to have a memorable experience where great sound brings out the realism, excitement and emotion of a movie or a video game! i think this happened once; the woofer was loud and the ground rumbled while i was watching Apocalypto. it was cool. but, apparently, not enough to save me! please help!!!

  • dalton Lobo Dias
    dalton Lobo Dias

    Listening to the Black Keys Live at the Crystal ballroom, awesome.

  • goldensilver

    Bought Dead Space a few months back, played it in the dark with an HD TV and surround sound for two hours. The visuals were awesome, but the sound was what got to me. From the absolute silence that raised the tension, to the sound of my gun running out of ammo, to the footsteps of the necromorphs on the metal floor that chased me as I tried to run away, it was just too much. I had such terrible nightmares that night that I had to return the game the next day.

  • Joel

    I remember watching Independence Day in the Theatre and completely blown away. The sound in the theatre made it feel so real, gave me goosbumps. Thats the kind of excitement that makes we go watch movies.

  • mediamorph

    Even though the sound quality by today's standards is unimpressive I still have vivid memories of the Wizard of Oz, a masterpiece of sight and sound at the time. The sound effects and visuals made such an impression on a little boy that it's emotional impact has lasted a lifetime.

  • Kendrick

    The opening sequence in Half-Life 2. While I think the game was a bit of a disappointment, I thought that the sound is what made me really feel like I was "there."

  • Alexander Nathaniel
    Alexander Nathaniel

    When I was Avatar in IMAX 3D. I've never seen an IMAX or 3D movie before so when those seats were vibrating due to the extremely AWESOME sound effects and my eyes burning from the realism of the people in IMAX 3D, I just almost cried. The burning of home-tree made me and my friends nearly burst into tears since practically all of our senses were being stimulated. That cool sense where Jake Sully transfers bodies at the end, OHH MY GOD, those people dancing and lighting effects took my breathe away!

  • netposer

    Cranking up the sound on Battlefield 2. Gotta love blowing stuff up with tanks, helos, jets, and RPGs.

  • Robb Allen
    Robb Allen

    Playing Doom 3. Something jumped out at me that I didn't see (until it was too late) but heard it scurrying up behind me. Jumped right out of my skin! The audio in that game, especially when using headphones that shut out external noises, really added to the creepiness of the game.

  • pc1184

    Watching Apocalypse Now in surround sound and hearing the helicopter like it was flying a circle around the room.

  • Kannaya

    I remember the sound in the first and second Silent Hill games. The music helped make that game one of the scariest games I have ever played. The sounds and eerie music just engulf you. They are still on of my favorite series.

  • Jim Goldberg
    Jim Goldberg

    Last of the Mohicans. Hawkeye searching for Cora over the river and through the woods. Some of the best music to picture combos ever. Plus I think I saw D.D.Lewis' nipple.

  • Dolemite

    Hands down it has to be the sonic bomb that Jengo Fett dropped in Attack of the Clones. My housemates and I cranked up the stereo so loud that my neighbours had to come over to say that the vibrations from the speakers was causing the glasses in their cabinets to start falling to the ground. Epically awesome

  • TheGeeksHere

    playing Resident Evil 1, with 10 speakers fully blasting in a dark room while 9 other people are watching me play. All teeth clenched and some hiding under the blanket.

  • virginia worlock
    virginia worlock

    watching avatar i heard the bark of the dog not in the front but in the middle of the theater , i thought why they let the dog inside, then i ealized its part of the movie , i thought that was amazing.

  • trujoe3

    Hands down the moment I truly appreciated excellent sound effects that literally drew me into the movie was while I was watching 'The Hurt Locker'. The sound quality and attention to the little vibrations from the explosions and surrounding war torn environment, drew me in to the Sgt's world. When the bombs exploded (especially in the opening sequence with Guy Pierce) it felt as though I was there. Being former military myself, I can honestly say its the closest I've felt to being back in that sort of environment without having to expose myself to the dangers our troops face on a daily basis. A strong story/plot, excellent script, and AMAZING attention to detail for sound made that movie one of the best films I have ever seen and heard.

  • roeschs3

    I would have to say Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when Harry gets brought back out of Tom Riddle's Diary. the music and special effects are super sweet!!!!!!! best when blared! :)

  • Charles Leebrick
    Charles Leebrick

    That really depends on the time frame. When I saw the first Star Wars I was immersed in the whole action, Terminator 2, the sound effects and storyline. The boundaries are limitless and with Avatar, they have reached new heights

  • sjack

    Jurassic Park was one of those movies you just had to see in the theatre. I still remember the roar of the T-Rex filling the theatre and making everyone inside lean back!

  • shontite

    Avatar is a great movie its really nice

  • htdgfsfaef