Jersey Shore’s Pauly D Shows You How to Guidify Your Hair (VIDEO)

Those Jersey Shore kids have so much to teach the world.

Witness the video below, in which JS’s resident tune-spinner DJ Pauly D explains how to achieve his much-coveted Spikes of Doom hairstyle. And no, it doesn’t involve sticking one’s head in a vat of lard.

For the aspiring guido in a hurry, here’s the quick run-down:

1) Blow it out.

2) Apply about five tubes of “spikuh.” (Make sure to rub it around the “perimetuh.”)

3) Apply “molduh” and “shaypuh.”

4) Touch up as needed.

5) Admire self in mirror; pump fist in self-celebration. (Optional.)

Watch and learn, people. Watch and learn.