Kelly Clarkson's Failed Bid for New Moon Soundtrack Leaks Online

Kelly Clarkson's Failed Bid for New Moon Soundtrack Leaks Online-photo

Hey, you know how Kelly Clarkson said she was writing a song that she hoped would be included on the New Moon soundtrack?

And then the song supposedly leaked, but it turned out not to be the song she was talking about?

And then how she didn't actually make the cut for the New Moon soundtrack, so it didn't really matter anyway?

Yeah, well the song that Clarkson really was writing for the New Moon soundtrack, "Empty As I Am," has made its way onto the Internet—for real this time—for your listening and judging enjoyment.

Give "Empty As I Am" a spin below and render your verdict in the comments section: Was it rightfully excluded from the New Moon soundtrack?



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  • Chriss

    Kelly Clarkson is too good for the NM soundtrack. Kelly is a true artist and very underappreciated. She has the most beautiful voice, and if you disagree then you have never seen her live in concert. KELLY CLARKSON ROCKS!!!!!

  • Joy

    I really like it -- it's heartfelt and true to the spirit of the books, especially NM. (BTW, I read the 4 volumes in 2 weeks.) The Twilight soundtrack was great, the NM Soundtrack wasn't. This would have made the latter worth purchasing.

  • luvbeatles

    meh. that's all I have to say.

  • edward151

    this song will not fit into the new moon soundtrack i love the new moon soundtrack how it is

  • Nicole

    I agree that the NM soundtrack was a disappointment, I was really looking forward to it and thought it left me lacking what I was looking for. I think this would have been a great song for the soundtrack and yes Kelly is extremely wonder she is the most successful idol

  • Shane

    I think its pretty good. Shes not just a good voice but also a talented song writer, appearently

  • Annon

    I was disappointed with the NM soundtrack and I kind of like this.

  • anonymous

    lizbizz11, if you think she tries too hard, go check out her songs like Haunted and Maybe. These songs were released in 2007, long before the first twilight film was produced. And they as edgy, if not more edgy, than any indie music around. THAT is how she really sounds. It's natural for her. She doesn't try hard.

  • Amy

    I think this song would fit quite well with the movie actually.

  • Henri

    Dont be quick to judge, this is clearly a rough demo. i'm sure it would be a different story once edited.

  • obsessed

    its good, but not good enough to make it on the new moon soundtrack

  • lizbizz11

    I think it sucks personally. This is crap compared to the great stuff on the real New Moon Soundtrack. Its to pop music and the New Moon soundtrack has a lot of indie rock. Plus, she sounds like she is trying to hard.