Kim Kardashian Gets Dirty For Carls Jr (VIDEO)

What makes more sense than Kim Kardashian, fast food, cleavage, and bathtubs? NOTHING.

In the just-released ad for Carls Jr, the busty reality star promotes her love of “bed picnics” and bubble baths. “It’s true, I love to have bed-picnics,” Kardashian coos in the VERY sexy ad. “I’m such a neat freak, but I put out my towel and eat in bed, and then when it gets all messy I take a hot bubble bath after to wash it off.”

Kim, probably munching on one of those tasty salads at this very second, writes on her blog,

“What do you guys think of my commercial for Carl’s Jr? I’m their new spokesperson for the range of grilled chicken salads that were released last week!! Let me know what you think of it!!! Anyone who says salads can’t be hot, probably hasn’t seen this yet ;) hahaha.”

Enough talking, time to watch!

Yes, this is real life. Thoughts??? Share ‘em below!