Jaden Smith Kicks It Up A Notch in New Karate Kid Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

Jaden Smith Kicks It Up A Notch in New Karate Kid Movie Trailer (VIDEO)-photo

He may get his acting chops from Oscar-nominated superstar, Will Smith, but son Jaden Smith is learning his martial arts movie chops from a kung fu master -- Jackie Chan.

(Yes, leave it to Tinsel Town to love a title so much that they conveniently ignore the fact that the film features the Chinese martial art of "kung fu", not the Japanese "karate")

Eleven-year-old Jaden plays the title role in the upcoming reboot of "The Karate Kid", the 1980's classic coming-of-kick-age flick starring Ralph Macchio.  To prepare for his role, Jaden trained for several tough months under a Kung Fu instructor, providing tremendous realism to his onscreen battle sequences.

Watch the just released trailer as see if you think Jaden has what it takes to follow, or even surpass, his daddy's big Hollywood footsteps.


"The Karate Kid" (release, July, 2010)



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  • annie j smith soon girlfriend
    annie j smith soon girlfriend

    I love jaden he is so hot.Iso,so,so love him.I love u jaden.Love u!!!!

  • Michelle

    My 12 year old daugther is a 2nd degree black belt and state champion in Tae Kwon Do. If you work your butt off and train for years you can do the moves. However, if you have a Master teaching you. Anything is possible. Jaden looks good. We've competed on the World level and you can't fake what you are watching in that movie clip! I have three Black Belts in my house!!!!

  • Dustin Diamond
    Dustin Diamond

    its gonna be wet poop in your socks.

  • Alex

    I think it looks alright, at the very least it'll be better than the terrible films that have been released these past few years.

  • Shawn MacMurray
    Shawn MacMurray


  • diamond

    i love it,can't wait.

  • lamesauce

    are you f*cking kidding me...eff that remake.

  • martinkove76

    Mr Thau please, create in CGI Pat Morita as Mr Miyagi scene