Just in Time for the Holidays…Rapper T.I. Released from Prison

Honestly, who hasn’t tried to buy unregistered machine guns at one time or another?

You know Taylor Swift goes incognito when purchasing her grenade launchers.  And Alicia Keys?  Forget about it.  She’s on the down low with her four tanks and attack helicopters.

Seems everybody’s buying military-grade weapons these days.

So it’s not surprising that the multi-platinum, Southern-stylin’ rapper, T.I. (Clifford Harris Jr.), received early release from prison after serving seven months for his illegal gun purchases, just in time for Christmas.

After a brief stint in a halfway house, T.I. will begin a circuit of speaking to high school kids about the dangers of drugs and guns.  Most especially, how not to get caught buying them.

We kid because we love…our machine-gun-toting rappers.