The Jonas Brothers Are Apparently Orphans

The Jonas Brothers Are Apparently Orphans-photo

Looks like we know who calls the shots in the Jonas household.

As revealed by the Huffington Post, Kevin, Nick, Joe and Frankie Jonas released their Christmas card yesterday, which proclaims itself to be from "the Jonas family," but conveniently leaves out their parents, Paul and Denise.

Oh, and also missing from the "family" photo: Kevin's new bride, Danielle Deleasa. Way to make the new addition feel welcome, guys!

And yet, they allowed some vagrant in a Hawaiian shirt to wander into the frame and join in their precious "family" moment.

We're betting the conversation will be pretty lively at Casa de Jonas this December 25th.



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  • Lexie

    Yup, cuz most people don't put their kid's pictures with SANTA on their Christmas cards. Jeez, this passes for news? But thanks! Now I know what their Christmas card looks like!

  • jkh

    the huffington post is never a really reliable source so most likely they have doctored this photo

  • dement

    I sent out a Christmas card with just my kid on it this year too..... so he must be an orphan ? Dumb... A lot of parents send out cards with their children's picture only.

  • regans

    Who is the santa? Creepy.

  • Amy

    This picture is old because Joe still had long hair, so Dannielle and Kevin weren't married yet... But yeah, their parents should be there.