Miley Cyrus Takes on Angelina Jolie and Madonna

Goodness, Miley Cyrus seems itching to pick a fight these days.

After blasting the hugely successful vampire franchise Twilight, the 17-year-old Hannah Montana sensation has chosen two new high-profile targets to vent her rage on: Angelina Jolie and Madonna.

Apparently, Cyrus disapproves of how Jolie and the Material Mom have placed their children in the public eye, Irish Central reports.

In an interview with an Irish celebrity TV show (Cyrus recently landed in Dublin as part of her Wonder World tour), Miley told interviewer Lisa Cannon that she “really disagrees with” the way Madonna and Jolie have allowed their brood to be in the spotlight, tsk-tsking that the children have no say in the matter.

Good call, Miley. It’s atrocious how celebrities push their kids into the public eye. After all, if her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, had allowed Miley into the limelight, who knows what tragedies might have ensued? And the family has done such a bang-up job of sheltering Miley’s younger sister Noah from the spotlight too. 

Share with us in the comments section: Does Miley have a point, or is she just looking to grab headlines again?