Jon Gosselin Is A Real Stand-Up Guy


Jon Gosselin is just racking up tabs all over the face, and it’s not just with ex-wife Kate

After now-ex GF Hailey Glassman was spotted moving her things out of Jon’s place earlier this week, she’s now accusing him of pocketing the rent money on their West Side, high-rise NYC apartment.

On Friday, she tried to set the record straight on the division of assets between the two and claims that she was living off Jon, tweeting,

“FYI That apartment everyone calls ‘Jon’s Apartment’ was MY apartment as well. We split rent! He’s been living off my family and I. So get your facts right before you all assume.

My family and I found out a week ago [Jon’s] been pocketing our rent money ‘n not paying the rent!’

This doesn’t sound ANYTHING like the reality TV dad, riiight?? Time to seel some of that Ed Hardy wardrobe, Jon Jon!

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