Angelina Jolie Gets Salt-y, Taunts PETA in the Process (PHOTOS)

This movie is still filming?

Renowned actress, philanthropist and free-love advocate Angelina Jolie was spotted along the Hudson River on Monday, lending her considerable charms to the seemingly interminable shoot for her upcoming spy thriller Salt.

Jolie kept herself warm in the frigid Northeast winter by donning a fur hat which, judging from its black-and-gray two-toned pattern, was manufactured by scalping late-night talk-show host Jay Leno.

Angelina can probably expect a sternly worded letter from the animal-rights lobby any minute now, at the very least. They tend to take this sort of thing pretty seriously.

In the meantime, check out our photo gallery of Angelina Jolie enduring a typical day at the office.



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  • Darla Kay
    Darla Kay

    Not even Angelina can pull off the fur hat look. She looks terrible in it.

  • ela

    se became so old and skinny... she was rly butifel .. dont know what happen with her... its sad

  • anonymous

    She sucks and we all hope she goes down the drain sooner than later - her face all over the tabloids is slow torture for the masses who despise her self-righteous and vane persona

  • Splash

    wtf is she wearing

  • anoni

    Reshoots are never a good sign but the film looks solid enough, think it will make lots of money here and abroad. The writer of this obvously hates Jolie. Snarky is one thiing (dlisted anyone?) but this is downright "team jen" crap.

  • guest

    Wow she's looking old.

  • jay

    Looks like a nice fake fur hat and coat ensemble to me. She looks great as always.

  • jason Stevens
    jason Stevens

    the fur is clearly fake

  • Anonymous

    that movie looks like its going to be hilarious for some reason