Angelina Not A Stickler for Monogamy

Angelina Not A Stickler for Monogamy-photo

Let's be honest, "swinging couples" evokes the image of hirsute, middle-aged men and their turkey-pin bowling champion wives unpacking them hefty-selves out of rayon leisure suits and getting busy in wood-paneled 70's hot tubs.

However, the share-and-share-alike couples landscape may be getting a serious shot of sexy as Angelina Jolie opens up to a German magazine about her very liberal views on fidelity and monogamy in her romantic relationship with Brad Pitt.

"I doubt that fidelity is absolutely essential for a relationship...

....Neither Brad nor I have ever claimed that living together means to be chained together."

Celebuzz wonders if Angelina is so open-minded as to allow her oft-on-the-sexiest-man-list beau to play the field, or if she's just super confident in her abilities to keep his wandering man-brain focused on her tattooed charms.

Either way, the real point of this story -- Brad Pitt's available, ladies!


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  • jazminqc

    she´s a slut...

  • naturell

    i bet brad hasn't shaved his beard yet so dat he can gross angie out and she would leave him, lol........but angie is smarter than dat!!


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