Jon Gosselin's Apartment Break-In Was a Publicity Stunt? GTFO!

Jon Gosselin's Apartment Break-In Was a Publicity Stunt? GTFO!-photo

In a development that will surely shock anyone who knows absolutely nothing about Jon Gosselin, the lawyer for Papa Jon's former girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, says that the break-in at Gosselin's New York apartment over the weekend was just a big ploy  to gain media attention.


Anand Ahuja, the attorney for Gosselin's party-girl ex, tells Radar Online

"It appears to be a huge publicity stunt...The police investigation is still ongoing and we are sure the investigation will reveal that someone is trying to frame Hailey."

During the supposed break-in, the alleged perpetrator reportedly swiped a TV, a CD player, a Nintendo Wii game and various kitchen supplies. Gosselin's bedding and some of his clothes were also supposedly slashed. (Oh, no; not the Ed Hardys!)

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad also supposedly found a note "speared" to his wooden dresser.

Though Glassman was questioned by police regarding the incident, Ahuja stresses that "[t]here are no charges against Hailey," narrowing the potential suspect pool down to the 15 million or so other people who might want to see harm come to the pot-bellied reality-TV lothario.

Maybe, for his next publicity ploy, Gosselin can fake his own death? Except, you know, without the faking part?

Tell us in the comments section: Do you think the Gosselin robbery was a hoax perpetrated in the name of publicity?

Photo Source: Getty Images/Splash News



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  • Mary

    wow! Wishing him DEAD is just a bit HARSH...don't ya think? C'mon he is a father of eight, after all! I don't like the guy myself...but I would NEVER wish someone DEAD!

  • katelynn

    Jon faked the robbery! He is forbidden from any media appearances so this is his only chance to keep his name in the news! I wish he would just go away....far away!! meto i hate him god

  • anna

    i think it stupid that u just go out wit weird ppl. u just go out wit who ever. i bet to make kate jelous. W/E i used to like u.

  • barbara

    Tuesday January 5. This is for kate the beatch. You are a real ho. How can you decide to ruins jons life because he is trying to have a life. Well, lets see are you still hot bunking stevie. Get your rug rats to a psychiatrists you all. Look deep in maddys eyes The are evil. I would definetly screen off your portion of the dirty creek behind your house. That is a terrible accident waiting to happen. .So good to see that each program you want to get on turns you down. Lets see get a job and move the brats back to the trailer park where you grew up and they will learn a lesson how other people who do not lie and cheat and beg for freebies. They deserve them more than you. Tlc is a dream channel . Lets get the roloffs off and I will be wonderful. I love Cake Boss and The little couple. My name is not necessary. see ya skank

  • Chad

    since when did news become opinion? these authors really hate this guy, but these same authors would be riding John's **** if he even spoke to them. Funny no? As a side funny note, my Refresh Code (to enter the text to get this published) is "ROBLOWE" lol

  • Sher

    Jon faked the robbery! He is forbidden from any media appearances so this is his only chance to keep his name in the news! I wish he would just go away....far away!!

  • CJ

    From the start it was obvious it was a stunt... there are only two people who could do this and as an earlier poster stated chances are this building has a doorman. What a old is this loser? His attempts to make people feel sorry for him are too juvenile for even a 15 year old to try. Sick of this guy other than the fact I enjoy watching the train wreck!

  • hates jon & HAILEY
    hates jon & HAILEY

    Hailey is the scorned slut who lost her man to DRAMA ( who pronanly spent the hoilday with his ex and kids) they all can not live with out. .......she is a drunk & druggie , was probablly high on meth when she went to pack her crap.

  • Poppy

    Considering the fact that the paparazzi got to the scene before the COPS did - yes, duh. Jon has an agenda here. Attention grabbing AND trashing Hailey Glassman? That's a win-win for Jon. He could really be dangerous if he was a bit more intelligent. What and idiot.

  • K

    Jon is a loser

  • Jeanne

    LOL mark my words, Jonboy's next attempt to get into the media will be to claim he's got Multiple Personality Disorder, and it's 'not him' doing all this stupid stuff and making stupid accusations. OR perhaps he'll take his cue from Kate's joke in a previous interview, and claim that he was abducted by aliens so he has trouble telling the truth? Nope that doesn't make sense, but neither does Jonboy Gosselin. The man doesn't have a shred of logic/common sense. What he DOES have is a misguided sense of self importance. Jonboy GO GET A JOB and act like a man instead of a cartoon character. Stop playing BOZO, and be a grownup. If you're found to be responsible for setting up a fake breakin, I hope you go to jail with a great big guy who'll REALLY make you see stars. You are totally pathetic

  • jeffvond

    He lives in a building with doormen, and a TV went past them?? Come on!