Kelly Clarkson Rides Taylor Swift's "White Horse"; Let the Unfair Comparisons Begin!

Kelly Clarkson Rides Taylor Swift's

American Idol fave Kelly Clarkson clearly enjoys performing other artists' music, and she obviously has an affinity for Taylor Swift.

So we can only ask: Why did it take so long for Clarkson to bring her own interpretation to one of Swift's tunes?

Behold, K-Clark's cover of T-Swift's "White Horse," from Tay-Tay's runaway smash album Fearless:

For the sake of comparison, here's the original version of the tune:

Both fine renditions, but who rode that "White Horse" better? We're not here to judge—that's your job! Hit us up in the comments section and share your thoughts: Does Clarkson or Swift do the song better justice?

(PS: For more Clarkson tuneage from this session—including a rousing cover of U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"—head on over to Idolator.)



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  • Lux

    Taylor sings better, more emotional..

  • Lux


  • evbon

    i LOVE taylor of course!nothing beats the original..i dont get kelly's VERSION..she change the in 0:07 she sings: "ALWAYS COMES OUT" though it doesnt have 'always' word in the come's another one 2:30 "And i beat you sorry" thought it's "AND IM SO SORRY" omg!

  • tikihut

    taylor is so much better!!this song is for fits her voice perfectly!and how kelly became like that??oh girl do you know the world "diet"?? well at least we know kelly isn't a malfunctioning crappy can't-sing-for-squat manufactured package dressed in pretty blonde curls, a heap load of eye makeup, glittery dresses, and a cute pink bow huh? sure, the manufactured barbie doll is sweet as pie, but give me a break. she is talentless. any melodramatic post-breakup teen could write her songs. and my dog sounds better than her when crying.

  • Rachel

    I love, love, love Taylor Swift, but I always try to be honest about these things and Kelly Clarkson is so much better - blows you away! Sorry Taylor!

  • M

    Taylor all the way ! Kellys version just sounds wrong..

  • mepi

    taylor is so much better!!this song is for fits her voice perfectly!and how kelly became like that??oh girl do you know the world "diet"??

  • chriss

    I like Taylor, but I LOVE Kelly Clarkson. She is more talented, and has the most amazing vocals. Kelly's voice will give you chills, and make you cry.

  • enee

    go kelly(:

  • Sarah

    There's no contest.....Kelly Clarkson's version is WAY better!!!!

  • lo

    Kelly all the way. Although i give major props to Taylor for writing this song, Kelly wins for the vocal ability and emotion behind her voice. Also, you have to note that Taylor's is the "Studio Version" therefore they made many changes and tuning to make her voice sound perfect while Kelly's is live. To be honest, Taylor is not a very good singer, though she has ALOT of talent in writing songs, while Kelly is an amazing singer. No one can top Kelly.

  • KellyRocks

    Kelly was amazing like always.. the only thing Taylor can do is writing songs, she's not the best singer out there, not even close to be the best, i really don't understand america and their love to bad country music...

  • Grammy Zan
    Grammy Zan

    While I LOVE Kelly's voice over Taylor's, usually...This is Taylor's song and a much better rendition!

  • Jen

    Kelly's version brought me to tears. It really brought depth to what I felt was a unremarkable, puppy love song. Taylor sings it like the teenager that she is, so I can see how it appeals to pre-teens and teens who have yet to suffer real betrayal and resilience in the aftermath. I think Taylor is a talented songwriter, if a monotonous singer. Her songs in more capable hands show their true potential.

  • laurencullen

    Much prefer Taylor Swift's version, though i do think Kelly Clarkson is great ! :)

  • kate

    taylor sings it with a lot more emotion than kelly..but both are good

  • candy

    taylors def cause its the origional kelly did it well bu it suits taylor better!

  • curlu

    TAYLOR SWIFT! nothing ever beats the original and kelly's didnt have as much meaning.

  • tazchin

    both good,lets not hate!one love y'all

  • obsessed

    taylor swifts version wayy better!

  • Mimi

    Exactly, Kelly's version is better vocally but judging the whole song, Taylor's was better because it fits the song innocently about a girl who's singing to her boyfriend or w/e but Kelly's voice can fit in something tougher and rougher like My Life Would Suck Without You. So Taylor needs to stick to songs that don't need much vocals like White Horse but for Kelly, she should stick to songs that are hardcore!

  • grace

    i prefer kelly's version(:

  • Holly

    Part of the reason I like Taylor's version is the innocence that you can hear in her voice, and I don't get that from Kelly's version.

  • meganleigh

    I love taylor swift and i love kelly, you cant beat the original but kellys does sound good in a different kind of way

  • nununinu

    taylor version is good but kelly is better ;)

  • teeea

    Yo you stilll this from GossipFaSho give credit for once.

  • kanyewest

    Yo Kelly-- I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish stealing songs and making them worse... but Taylor Swift's version was the best song EVER!