Katy Perry and Russell Brand Are Sooo Engaged!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand Are Sooo Engaged!-photo

In the past month, we've seen a slew of celebrity breakups. Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole. Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift. Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller (well, we assume).

But believers in true love, don't fret! There's one couple who've decided to step things up a notch and get engaged—Katy Perry and Russell Brand!

After a 3-month whirlwind romance, the two have decided to get married! The rumors began when Russell, 34, was spotting searching for the perfect diamond ring at Cartier on December 14. However, 25-year-old Katy wasn't 100% satisfied with the sparkler, so Russell is designing a new one for his lady love.

And don't think Katy is being greedy. Sources tell Celebuzz that the sexy singer bought her comedian fiance a Range Rover for Christmas!

We can't believe that Russell, a notorious playboy, is actually settling down so soon! But it seems to be happening....a few days ago, he even tweeted,

"Tonight I turned off my famous, hedonistic hot-tub, a monumental event. I did it for climate change. In every sense."

Gasp! Retiring the hot tub? What would the kids from Jersey Shore say?

Anywho, are you excited for Russell and Katy to get hitched? And more importantly, how long do you think they'll last? Share your thoughts in the comment section!



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  • Geekay07

    They gt engaged in India... congrats!!

  • luvethem

    They are sooo sweet together I hope it's true

  • Val

    Ew no. Get away from my man Katy.

  • Kaye

    I wish that was true but perez hilton (who is Katy's friend) said that Russell didn't propose...:((( And how many times has Perez Hilton been wrong on other points of gossip? I honestly don't believe anything the man says/writes.

  • obsessed

    if they really engaged. CONGRATS!! i think they look adorable together!

  • noah

    Katy. You. Broke. My. Heart.

  • guest

    yeah, cause he is going to...now he is just shopping for rings and trying them on???

  • Louise

    I wish that was true but perez hilton (who is Katy's friend) said that Russell didn't propose...:(((

  • mike


  • tatts09

    if this is true than congrats to them...they make a very sweet couple..i love russell brand..he was so f*cking funny in BEDTIME STORIES...congrats guys...