Lindsay Lohan Shops, World Grinds to a Halt (VIDEO)

New Yorkers are generally a pretty jaded bunch, but even the most hardened Gothamite can be stopped in his tracks when confronted with a Lindsay Lohan sighting.

Police were called to the Intermix store in Manhattan on Monday, after a crowd of onlookers brought foot traffic to a standstill outside the store while gawking at LiLo shopping with her mom Dina and sister Ali.

One might be tempted to interpret this as a resurgence of popularity for the Just My Luck actress, but then one should remember that people will also stop to stare at a particularly gruesome car wreck, or a filth-encrusted derelict standing on the sidewalk and hurling curses at his imaginary drinking buddy.

Feel free to do a little gawking yourself by checking out the video below.