Obsessed Movie Buffs Declare ‘New Moon’ to Be One Big Mistake

The utterly devoted fans of Twihard Nation might consider New Moon to be the perfect film, but don’t tell that to the folks over at MovieMistakes.com.

The fanatical fault-finders there have declared the Twilight sequel to be the fourth most error-ridden movie of the year (in a tie with Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian), citing no fewer than 29 continuity bloopers.

Among the glitches spotted by the eagle-eyed cineastes:

  • “After Bella awakes from the first nightmare, we see her Romeo and Juliet book on the pillow beside her. When Charlie brings in her presents the book is gone, but then reappears on the pillow between shots.”
  • “When Bella is in the parking lot at school in the beginning, Edward walks toward her. Bella’s hair is neatly pulled off to the side. When he leans in for the kiss it is suddenly stuck to her forehead, and when Edward tells her Jacob wants her, it’s suddenly back to normal.”


Picky? Perhaps. But you have admire their dedication to spending waaaaaay too much time poring over every frame of a movie they have no direct connection to.

Still, for all their thoroughness, we have to wonder how they missed the biggest New Moon blooper of all: During several segments in the movie, Taylor Lautner is clearly seen wearing a shirt. We have to assume that this was an oversight on the producers’ end.

Click through our big ol’ gallery of New Moon stills and tell us in the comments section: How many mistakes can you detect?