SuBo And AnBo To Duo (VIDEO)

Despite Susan Boyle’s rocket-hot debut album knocking the king of holiday music, Andrea Bocelli, out of his typical number one position on the U.S. music charts this week, the pair are apparently dying to sing together and will do so on an upcoming British reality show, Pop Star to Opera Star.

The super-singers will join vocal forces to perform either “Time to Say Goodbye”, which Bocelli has previously performed with operatic wunderkind, Sarah Brightman, or “The Prayer”, which Bocelli has previously double-dipped with French-Canadian diva, Celine Dion.

No matter the song, the duet promises to be the most talked about performance of 2010.

Tell us what you think: best Bocelli duet — Brightman, Dion, Boyle, or….Elmo?