Teri Hatcher Wears Fat Suit. Oh Man! (VIDEO)

Teri Hatcher Wears Fat Suit. Oh Man! (VIDEO)-photo

Oh man, this is gonna be good!

In the upcoming upcoming episode of Desperate Housewives, airing January 3, the lovely ladies imagine what life would be life if things had been different.

For Teri Hatcher, it involved sporting a fat suit, the pounds she supposedly packed on when she realized her hubby hadn't quit cheating on her! The fantasy sequence also shows her telling Mike Delfino (James Denton), who is still her plumber, "You know what would serve him right? To come home and find me in bed with another man!"

Thanks for NOT showing that us that one, guys.

Check out the sneak peak, courtesy of ET:

Whaddya think? Upgrade or downgrade?



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  • zapperbunny

    Yep, she's fat. she has big jiggly bands of fat around her stomach, and yes, that IS normal for America...now. In the 60's you had to look far and wide to find someone who looked like that, in my school there were only 2 obese kids, and they were brother and sister, and their whole family was obese. Just because everybody looks like that does not mean it is healthy or "normal", it only means that we as a nation have let ourselves get fat and lazy. It is easy to look up your body fat index online, go look now, you will see if you really are "normal".

  • dee

    when over 60% of the US is overweight or obese it's no wonder that most commenters feel that is normal.

  • cheryl

    Other than her face, she looks like normal instead of the Hollywood Anorexic women who are flatter than an ironing board who give the kids of today eating disorders!! Find a subject worthwhile to go after, like being nice to one another and helping others, oh, right, I guess no one would watch!!

  • juliesmama

    Sorry, but that is not 50 pounds heavier even for Teri. She is abnormally thin and I guess if you're anorexic, that's heavy.

  • Juliesmama

    Sorry, but that is NORMAL, not fat. Most of us do not look like a Teri Hatcher. A fat suit is what the move Shallow Hal had.

  • steve

    She is fat!! And that is what is wrong with America!! So 50 to 70 pounds over a recommended body mass index is not fat?? Most fat people as sooooo in denial!! As mean as this comment may sound, it could not have been said any better...


    You can fix ugly look at NIP TUCK it's called plastic surgery. You can not fix peoples need to dump on others being Fat is all right and not to be made fun of. What do you teach your children about tolerance of others differences

  • Tim

    Yup she is fat and that is coming from me, a fat person! If you are "plus" size and you are offended by this then you need to quit being so fricken self concious! If it helps, just remember that there are fat people and there are ugly people... you can change fat but you can't fix ugly!

  • Bev

    She is fat!! And that is what is wrong with America!! So 50 to 70 pounds over a recommended body mass index is not fat?? Most fat people as sooooo in denial!!

  • sam

    I don't think she looks fat. She looks normal, average size. Man, she's really too skinny as it is.

  • Linda

    I agree, if you need to bust on "fat" people, I will not be watching Desperate Housewives again. You should have had a "plus size" housewife to begin with. We can offer a lot more than people know. We are not hedious monsters.

  • becky

    If thats fat I must be obese.....

  • April

    I look like this and I'm NOT fat. How demeaning and cheeseball do you havce to make these programs to sell products for your sponsors anyway? You lost me as a fan.

  • dollylama

    Wow. Talk about negative demeaning stereotypes. Where are all the politically correct people when it's fat people as the target? Gwyneth Paltrow was so cute as a fattie, let's do it again? This is disgusting. I am outraged by the dual standard and the way her sexuality is treated as humorous by the slim trim plumber. The irony here is she is NOT fat! Sheesh

  • mindart77

    I think she looks nice and I actually like women that size. It's interesting what many people in the U.S. culture consider fat, because they've bought into the body image issues about what constitures a "real woman." True beauty lies within.

  • lightfoot

    Does not the world have more pressing things to be concerned about than FAT??? Damn...people are starving to death right here in America, and foolish ones are worrying about a fantasy soap-opera and a tramp who might become fat.......give me a break! Go feed the homeless, give a needy child a pair of shoes for school and a hot meal....tell somebody about God's Kingdom...do something beneficial for a change.

  • Kat

    OMG since when did being normal sized mean she's wearing a fat suit? She looks pretty average sized to me.

  • runnermama

    Dude she is NOT fat!!!