Tiger Woods in Sex Rehab? Please, Let it Be So...

Tiger Woods in Sex Rehab? Please, Let it Be So...-photo

Tiger Woods might as well face it, he's addicted to love. Or at least addicted to screwing around on his wife with a seemingly endless parade of chippies.

X17 Online reports that the golf legend and apparent serial philanderer is currently holed up in a posh rehab facility in Arizona, in an effort to repair his tarnished public image. Oh yeah, and to seek help for his seemingly compulsive sexual behavior. But mostly to repair his tarnished public image.

According to a completely anonymous but presumably reliable source:

"He has been there for a few days since his handlers forced him to enter the program. They feel that if he blames his cheating on addiction, the public will forgive him."

It's believed that Woods is ensconced either in Tuscon's Cottonwood de Tuscon or Phoenix's The Meadows facility, where he's presumably being bombarded nonstop  with nude photos of Bea Arthur by a crack team of therapists in order to curb his rampant libido.

The source adds,

"Tiger wants to get back on top. He agreed to put golfing on hold so he could show the world how badly he feels about what he's done and to prove that he wants to correct the problems that led to his infidelity."

Maybe he could save himself a few bucks and just buy a chastity belt? He might even get an endorsement deal out of it.

Share your thoughts in the comments section: Do you think Tiger Woods will ever regain the public's trust?



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  • Lynne

    How can Tiger be in an AZ rehab place and partying in Palm Beach alongside his yacht docked there at the same time? I love how all these sources have such accurate info.

  • Dannielle

    If that woman takes him back..she is nuts! Once a philanderer, always a philanderer...probably just like his daddy!

  • sherrij

    Tiger got himself into this mess, let him handle it his way to get out of it and yeah, why does he need to regain the publics' trust he is his own man he needs to regain Elins' trust and that may not work Tiger got caught, simple as that and he knew how he was if he needed help with addiction issues, he should have sought that out a long time ago

  • AJ

    Why does he need to regain the publics' trust? The public isn't married to him. We just like watching him golf.