Brooke Mueller Hires O.J. Simpson’s Lawyer, Decides She Wants Charlie Sheen Back

Well, this is just odd and creepy.

TMZ reports that Brooke Mueller—who, just days ago, told police that her husband Charlie Sheen threatened to kill her with a knife on Christmas—is pushing hard for a reconciliation with her hubby.

Mueller filed papers in an Aspen court on Wednesday to modify her protective order against Sheen, so that the two can have contact with each other and attempt to mend their marriage.

Oh, and the attorney that Mueller has hired to help her through this process? Renowned criminal-defense lawyer Yale Galanter, who was also O.J. Simpson’s lawyer for many years.

Hmm; it seems to us that there was some sort of incident in Simpson’s  legal past that might be relevant to Mueller’s current situation. Something about a knife. And a wife. And threats…

Oh well; at least she hired counsel with some experience in the matter. Speaking with TMZ, Galanter minimized Brooke and Charlie’s Christmas blow-up (during which, once again, Mueller claimed that Sheen had threatened to kill her with a knife), calling the unpleasantness “one bad night.”

Totally. Everyone’s entitled to their off-days, aren’t they? Those days when, for whatever reason, you end up putting a knife to your wife’s throat and threatening to knock her off? That’s no reason to end an otherwise solid marriage. Because there’s no way that the incident could ever repeat itself or even escalate, if history is any indication.

Gotta give Brooke points for forgiveness. Or foolhardiness. Whichever.